Olivia Wilde in a Relationship With Andrew Garfield to Get Back on His Marvel Co-Star Harry Styles for Dumping Her? Bombshell Report Reveals Marvel’s Newest Lovebirds

Olivia Wilde in a Relationship With Andrew Garfield to Get Back on His Marvel Co-Star Harry Styles for Dumping Her? Bombshell Report Reveals Marvel's Newest Lovebirds

There’s a new rumor in town! Whispers of a budding romance between Spider-Man: Now Way Home star Andrew Garfield and Don’t Worry Darling actress Olivia Wilde have been doing rounds in Hollywood’s star-studded neighborhood. But what has sent the tongues wagging?

Andrew Garfield and Olivia Wilde
Andrew Garfield and Olivia Wilde

According to reports from insiders, the two actors have been spotted together frequently pairing up for hiking adventures. And this has stoked the fire of speculations about their relationship status.

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Is Olivia Wilde trying to get back at her ex?

Beyond the hiking escapades, Andrew Garfield and Olivia Wilde have been spotted outside the confines of their homes. Insiders have revealed that they have noticed the duo leaving Wilde’s residence together on multiple occasions, adding more fuel to the fire.

However, interestingly, there have been theories suggesting that it can be Wilde’s way of getting back at her ex, who like Garfield is also a Marvel star. Back in 2022, Wilde was linked with As It Was singer Harry Styles who was also seen in Marvel’s Eternals. But soon news of the two parting ways made it to the headlines.

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde
Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde

But that’s not the end of it all. Because things aren’t as simple as they seem. Around the same time when Styles and Wilde parted ways, rumors of Garfield dating a 28-year-old actress surfaced online.

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Was Andrew Garfield in a relationship after the Wilde-Styles breakup?

In 2022, rumors of a possible romance between Andrew Garfield and Phoebe Dynevor surprised many. Dynevor, famous for her role in the popular Netflix series Bridgerton, met Garfield at the 2022 GQ Men of the Year Awards. According to an insider who confided in The Sun, the two shared an instant undeniable connection.

Phoebe Dyynevor
Phoebe Dyynevor

“Andrew and Phoebe clicked straight away, there was an immediate attraction. They know each other through various acquaintances in the business and have plenty in common. But this is certainly no one-off encounter. After leaving together, they’ve since met up and are acting like a proper couple.”

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Unfortunately, due to a lack of confirmation from any of the stars, all fans can do is watch patiently, with a bated breath. Because at the end of the day, only time will unveil the truth behind these tantalizing Hollywood whispers.

Source: International The News, The Sun

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