Olivia Wilde To Direct Marvel’s Spider-Woman For Sony

Olivia Wilde To Direct Marvel's Spider-Woman For Sony

Sony Pictures has been on a winning streak with Spider-Man related projects as of late. Whether it was winning an Oscar for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse or having Spider-Man: Far From Home cross a billion dollars worldwide last year, the studio is looking at expanding it’s Marvel roster. News broke out via Deadline that Olivia Wilde will be directing a female-centric solo film, expected to revolve around Spider-Woman!

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While there have been many iterations on the character, the film will focus on the Jessica Drew version. In the comics, Jessica Drew’s origin has major ties with HYDRA. While this’ll be a Sony based film, I am curious to see how Wilde will adapt her. After seeing the success of her directorial debut movie Booksmart, I hope that she can knock this project out of the park! Other upcoming female lead spin-offs that are being developed at Sony are Madame Webb, Jackpot, Black Cat, and Silver Sable.


Let’s Cast

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No casting has been made as of yet, but I would like share my top picks on who should play Jessica Drew.


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For my first choice I would pick Aubrey Plaza and she is no stranger to the comic book world. Having played Lenny in FX’s Legion, I think she would fit the dark and comedic tones set for Jessica really well. She’s a darker character but she has wit and sass which is perfect for Plaza.


My second choice would be Daisy Ridley. Say what you will about the Star Wars sequel trilogy but to me Daisy gave a great performance as Rey. She’s a very talented actress who can show off an array of emotions. Like with Rey, Jessica struggles with her past and her identity. I feel like she can portray that darkness in fulfilling with someone whose upset with their past and where they are in life.

My last choice would be Naomi Scott. Having played the Pink Ranger in the 2017 Power Rangers reboot and Princess Jasmine in last year’s Aladdin, Naomi knows how to take command on screen. Her ability to play a character with a heroic attitude would fit her nicely.


Who do you think should play Spider-Woman for Sony? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Deadline



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