One Attack on Titan Arc was Responsible for the Foundation of Hajime Isayama’s Entire Series

The best Shiganshina arc in Attack on Titan helped Hajime Isayama to base his entire series on it.

one attack on titan arc was responsible for the foundation of hajime isayama’s entire series


  • One of the best arcs in the entire series is The Shiganshina Arc which contributed majorly to weaving the plot.
  • This arc is where the series shines the brightest and a lot is revealed about the actual story of Attack on Titan.
  • The Shiganshina Arc spans over ten episodes and covers the endeavor of our main cast working with the Survey Corps to regain control over their hometown.

The highly anticipated finale of Attack on Titan finally happened, and as expected, fans were left without a happy ending. However, as the saga concluded, fans were left feeling empty. However, there is time to look back upon Hajime Isayama’s 10-year masterpiece, which followed the story of our protagonist, Eren Yeager, and his dear friends. 

Mikasa and Eren from Attack on Titan
Mikasa and Eren from Attack on Titan

The story unfolds in a span of several arcs and some of them are considered to be the best in the entire history of anime and manga. Some arcs are plain thrilling, and one such arc is the Return to Shiganshina Arc. It was indeed a game-changer for the Attack on Titan characters and the fan’s perspective of the entire show.

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Shiganshina Arc was one of the best in Attack on Titan

Eren Jaeger's Titan Form in Attack on Titan
Eren Jaeger’s Titan Form in Attack on Titan

The Return to Shiganshina Arc is where Attack on Titan peaks the most in the entire series. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are shown to be working with the Survey Corps to regain their hometown where all of it first started. However, without spoiling much, we saw familiar enemies already waiting for the group resulting in epic battles. The interconnected episodes put the stakes at higher risk than ever before.

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Fans have grown to adore the fact their main characters were pushed to the limits and came across life-changing decisions. These intense and action-packed events finally lead up to the show’s most pivotal reveal in Grisha Yeager’s basement. There are several fans who love the Marley Arc over anything in the series as they argue about superior superior narrative, but the retaking of Shiganshina, a wake-up call to reality, is the arc that changed Attack on Titan forever.

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What happens in Shiganshina Arc in Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan

The Return to Shiganshina Arc spans over ten episodes from Episode 49 to Episode 59 and is the seventh story arc in the anime. The story takes us to two months after The Uprising Arc. It shows that Historia is now crowned on the throne, and the Survey Corps has become much stronger. 


Commander Erwin Smith acquires some new intel on the Titans and leads the Survey Corp to regain power over the Wall Maria in the Shiganshina District. Their main objective was to unveil the secrets hidden in Grisha’s basement. The entire ordeal becomes quite challenging and emotional for our protagonist, Eren Jaeger, and his friend. Neither Eren, Mikasa, nor Armin have been back to the town they grew up in since the Colossal Titan broke the wall almost a decade prior.

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