One Insane Theory Reveals Dormammu is Actually a Former Avenger

This Avenger has been pretty influential in past few phases of the MCU.

One Insane Theory Reveals Dormammu is Actually a Former Avenger


  • Dormammu, the ruler of the Dark Dimension, could be a Doctor Strange Variant
  • We have seen multiple version s of Doctor Strange destroy their universes as a consequence of going rogue.
  • This would radically redefine the relationship between Clea, Dormammu's niece in the comics and Doctor Strange, who are romantically involved in most storylines.
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Dormammu is a villain in the MCU that suffers from the Marvel villain problem without actually suffering from it. Despite being a big presence in the Marvel Universe, Dormammu has only made a single appearance in the MCU. However, if this theory is to be believed, Dormammu might have been in front of our eyes all along.

Dormammu in Doctor Strange (2016)
Dormammu in Doctor Strange (2016)

Dormammu made his first, and so far only appearance in Doctor Strange, where his dark magic was able to ensnare Kaecilius and his followers and induce them to mount an invasion of Earth 616, which Dormammu wished to take over. Despite making just a single appearance in the MCU, A theory has suggested that the MCU has been showing us the Avenger who eventually turns into Dormammu all along.

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Doctor Strange might be Dormammu

Doctor Strange Supreme
There’s precedent for versions of Doctor Strange being corrupted.

Benedict Cumberbatch had a dual role in Doctor Strange (2016). Apart from playing the titular Sorcerer Supreme, Cumberbatch also plays the chief antagonist of the 2016 feature: Dormammu. While this might have been a fun piece of trivia, recent developments in the franchise have cast this decision in a new light.

So far, we have seen at least two evil variants of Strange: One in the What If…? animated series and the other in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. These are the versions of Stephen Strange that were corrupted in one form or another, and as a result, ended up destroying their respective universes.

Dormammu could also be a version of Doctor Strange, played by Cumberbatch, who caused the death of his universe and changed himself at the fundamental level. This history could also have been known by the Ancient One, which could have led her to recruit Strange (and also fueled her initial refusal to train him).


If Strange is Dormammu, it would change one key aspect of Doctor Strange’s story

Clea and Doctor Strange
Clea and Doctor Strange

Clea is the Sorceress Supreme of the Dark Dimension. She is also Dormammu’s niece. The MCU could have a different backstory for the character, but if it is confirmed that Dormammu is Stephen Strange from another universe, it would mean that Clea and Strange’s relationship in the MCU will be strictly of Mentor and Mentee, rather than going in the romantic direction as it does in the comics. After all, the MCU could do without another Steve and Sharon Carter situation.

Doctor Strange 3 could see this particular theory take hold, with Stephen Strange coming face to face with another one of his follies, yet another version of the character that succumbed to his hubris, much like how Tony Stark’s arch dealt with him coming face to face with his past mistakes.

Since his jump into the Dark Dimension, Doctor Strange has been largely absent from the MCU. In his stead, Wong has handled his responsibilities as Sorcerer Supreme well, a mantle he picked up when Strange was dusted following the events of Infinity War. Perhaps it is Wong who discovers this theory to be true, pitting him against Strange.


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