One of the Darkest Moment of Emma Watson’s Hermione in Harry Potter Does Have an Happy Ending

One of the Darkest Moment of Emma Watson’s Hermione in Harry Potter Does Have an Happy Ending
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In the Harry Potter universe, Hermione Granger, who was brilliantly portrayed by Emma Watson, went through one of her toughest periods as the wizarding world dealt with the oncoming threat of Voldemort and his Death Eaters. The two-part dramatization of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows shifted the audience’s first enchantment with the Harry Potter flicks from one of magic to one of grief.


Hermione Granger: A Character of Renown

Hermione Granger, a character, in the Harry Potter movies is renowned for her intellect and unwavering loyalty to her friends. Hermione faced a choice during a moment, in her journey. This occurred at a critical juncture in her path. When Hermione Granger, Emma Watson, returns to her childhood home while beginning the risky journey to annihilate Voldemort’s Horcruxes, she makes one of the biggest choices in the course of her life.

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Hermione Granger from Harry potter series
Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series

Unresolved Reunion: Hermione Granger and Her Parents?

A mysterious quiet engulfed the living room when she entered her parents’ home. Granger performed a Memory Charm on her own parents when feeling heartbroken. The reason? To totally wipe herself from their minds, protecting them from the threat presented by the Death Eaters. Identical to the memorable moments, viewers watched as Grangers’s picture faded from family photos. With astonishing sensitivity, Emma Watson expertly captured the weight of Hermione’s devastating choice in that little moment of mute despair.

This moving scene was left hanging in the movies. We were left wondering if Granger and her parents would ever get back together or if they would always be unaware that they had a daughter. But J.K. Rowling, the creative mind behind the Harry Potter universe, gave much-needed closure. Granger said categorically in The Digital Fix,

“Yes, she brought them home right away,”

in response to the question of whether she could repair the memory loss.


This formal affirmation allowed supporters to finally relax. We now know that the Granger family made their way back to one another once the heroes of the wizarding world restored peace and harmony to their realm, even though the movie adaption may have left out this wonderful reunion.

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Hermione Granger's mother
Hermione Granger’s mother

The Values of Persistence and Love in Harry Potter

It was really depressing to see Hermione Granger struggle in Season 2, but it is comforting to discover hope in the prospect of mending fences with a close friend. Hermione Granger stands out as the epitome of valor and chivalry in the enchanted realm of magic and joy.


Even though Hermione Granger’s darkest chapter made us cry, J.K. Rowling’s revelation allows us to now be grateful that Hermione Granger and her family ultimately had a happy ending, giving us comfort in the midst of the wizarding world’s turbulent and gloomy times.

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