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“One of the greatest instinctive businessmen I’ve ever met” Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Business Acumen Floored Seasoned Investment Banker

"One of the greatest instinctive businessmen I’ve ever met" Arnold Schwarzenegger's Business Acumen Floored Seasoned Investment Banker
Arnold Schwarzenegger (75) is undoubtedly the jack of all trades – from being an Austrian military veteran; retiring from a highly successful bodybuilding and Hollywood career; diving into politics, to boasting over 100-plus sophisticated investments, the Austrian Oak continues to add to his mammoth $400 million fortune.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Schwarzenegger’s hunger to do better has kept him diving into various businesses, at the same time, making apt decisions. The former Governor of California’s business skills also kept him tapping the expertise of the most prominent faces in the corporate world. Such is the case of investment banker, Paul Wachter, co-owner of Main Street Advisors, which manages Schwarzenegger’s investments.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Knows To Hit The Bull’s Eye!

Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s 100-plus ventures (1/5th of which are valued at more than $1 million), including managed stock accounts, venture funds, bonds, direct stakes, high-end mutual fund company, and whatnot, makes him a man with sharp business acumen.


In a previous interview with Los Angeles Times, Main Street Advisors’, Paul Watcher, who boasts clients like Schwarzenegger and Lebron James, famously expressed his fondness for the Austrian Oak’s business acumen.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the sharpest investors
Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the sharpest investors

Watcher, known for overseeing the actor’s assets for more than two decades, said: “Arnold’s one of the greatest instinctive businessmen I’ve ever met.” He also praised his lucrative investments in various sectors, adding, “In my opinion, it’s very different from the normal Hollywood portfolio.”

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Interestingly, The Predator actor made his first million (valued at $7.6 million today) in real estate when he was just 25. Watcher is the founder of Main Street Advisors, a Californian firm that managed to raise over $1 billion last year with increasing client-heavy deals.

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The Secret Behind Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Financial Sucess

In 2013, it was reported that under the California State Law, Schwarzenegger isn’t required to reveal his “net worth or even the precise percentage he owns in various ventures.” But again, a plethora of interviews, reviews of public records, and a 63-page disclosure form reflect the kind of honest fortune the actor amassed as a businessman.


From his personal jet-leasing business (leasing a Boeing 747 to Singapore Airlines for years); stakes in movie theatres; internet software business; stocks in media giants like Gannett Co., IBM, and premiere weight-loss company, Weight International; to boasting a portfolio of four companies, the Terminator star has displayed a “powerful urge to make money”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to add to his $450 million net worth
Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to add to his $450 million net worth

The actor is also the founder of a production company, Oak Production, and a supplement company, Ladder. During a previous appearance on The Tim Ferriss Show podcast in 2015, California’s elderly stateman shared his secret to getting rich “during a decade with infamous inflation.” He famously shared:

“The buildings I would buy for $500,000 within a year were $800,000 and I put only $100,000 down. That’s 300 percent on your money!”

A major reason why most of the investments worked in his favor, results from proper research and “knowledge acquisition on these fronts.” Also, he likes to stay away from cryptocurrency despite his millions worth of investments! And well, when you have an advisor like Paul Watcher, the money keeps rolling in.


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Source: Los Angeles Times

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