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‘One of the most disgusting kisses in TV history’: The Last of Us Episode 2’s Extremely Sickening Death Scene Goes Ultra Viral

'One of the most disgusting kisses in TV history': The Last of Us Episode 2's Extremely Sickening Death Scene Goes Ultra Viral

The Last of Us once again proved to the fans that HBO and heartbreaking deaths are an inseparable bond. The whole cycle started with Game of Thrones which somewhat mastered the art of killing major characters. The second episode of the ongoing series based on the PlayStation Game brought back those memories from the dark past even more disgustingly.

The Last of Us Episode 2 major spoilers ahead!!!

The Last of Us
The Last of Us

The HBO series was one of the most anticipated projects since it was announced. Even though the casting choices raised some eyebrows, the reception received by the series promises a very bright future. The second episode has further set the internet ablaze with the death scene of Tess which is currently a major topic of discussion among fans.

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The Second Episode of The Last of Us shocked the fans

The Last of Us
Anna Torv as Tess in The Last of Us series

It is repeatedly stated by various sources and even the creators that the HBO series would justify the PlayStation game. Moreover, the involvement of one of the game creators Neil Druckmann with the series also assured that. But the second episode made it crystal clear that some of the key moments will be different between the game and the series. The Anna Torv character’s death is a major example of that.

To be precise, Tess’ character was already infected so she stayed back to hold back the zombie fleet while Ellie(Bella Ramsey) and Joel(Pedro Pascal) forwarded to their mission. As she covers herself and the whole Capitol building with Petrol, she was unable to light the lighter. Soon one of the monstrous creatures spots her and we get to see a disgusting moment of the zombie pushing its tendrils into Tess’ throat. Ultimately, she was able to blow off the place but that scene could hardly leave anyone’s mind.

Anna Torv Tess
The infamous death scene of Tess

Although The Last of Us viewers were completely taken aback by that gross kissing scene, it will stay long among everyone. It was not only surprising for the new fans but also to those familiar with the games. As Druckmann discussed, the concept of tendrils is one of the things introduced in the series and he made sure to use it in one of the most unprecedented ways. These tendrils have also created a hive-mind concept in the series which thereby raises the stakes in the show higher.

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Tess’ death takes over the internet

Bella Ramsey as Ellie in The Last of Us
A still from HBO’s The Last of Us Episode 2

As soon as the second episode, Exit through the Gift Shop was launched, the internet was filled with memes and reactions from the fans who were almost on the verge of becoming sick. While some of the fans said that the grossness was unnecessary, some even used their humor to express their disgust.

We have collected some of the reactions:

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With so much already happening in the second episode, it can be expected that the future of The Last of Us will present more savage and shocking moments for us. Till then we can just wait and hope HBO to not repeat its Game of Thrones massacre at the end.

The first two episodes of The Last of Us can be streamed on HBO Max.

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