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‘One of the most remarkable things I’ve seen’: Spider-Man Actor Andrew Garfield Heaps Praises on Zendaya for Euphoria

Andrew Garfield who is notably known for playing his role in The Amazing Spider-Man is a fanboy of none other than his co-star from Spider-Man: No Way Home. Zendaya who played M.J. in 2021’s No Way Home is the main star cast in HBO’s Euphoria.

Hollywood Star Andrew Garfield and Zendaya
Hollywood Star Andrew Garfield and Zendaya

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This time, Garfield and Zendaya came together on the set of Variety where Garfield revealed that he’s a fan of Zendaya and her acting in HBO’s Euphoria where she plays the character of Rue Bennett.

Andrew Garfield Is A Fan of Zendaya

Andrew Garfield and Zendaya
Andrew Garfield and Zendaya

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Andrew Garfield during a conversation with Zendaya shared how he loved her acting in Season 2 of the HBO series.

“I do want to make you very uncomfortable and say that it is one of the most remarkable things I’ve seen an actor do in recent memory.”

The former asked her how was she able to make sure that she was doing well personally when her character was so in pain referring to episode 5, to which she answered, “It’s tough. And I thought what was actually quite sweet was when that episode did air, I did get a lot of messages from people checking in on me, which I appreciated.”

‘I didn’t feel like there was any acting’ Andrew Garfield Said To The Euphoria Star

Zendaya Euphoria
Hollywood Star Zendaya playing Rue Bennett in the Euphoria 

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When the actress shared how she handled episode 5 of the second Season of Euphoria, Garfield replied by praising her by saying, ” I didn’t feel like there was any acting. It felt like you were living through something in such an authentic way.”

The actress replied, “It’s hard to say that there’s any specific process for that. I feel like when it comes to Rue, at least for me, my experience with her is I’ve had the privilege of playing her for a while. So I’ve had the luxury of living in her skin for a bit. And the closeness that I share with Sam is huge, because Rue is very much based on him as a teenager. Rue has become an amalgamation of my experiences, his experiences and our collective pain — and seeing through the eyes of an addict. I think the approach was to try it as human as possible without ever shying away from the devastation and the ugliness of what that can create. I had actually been very afraid to shoot that episode. It had been written for a while before the pandemic, and I was dreading having to do it.

Euphoria series starring Zendaya is available on HBO Max.

Written by Priya Sharma