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“One particular part of my body was bigger than the rest”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Started Exercising Because He Was Too Well Endowed

Arnold Schwarzenegger Started Exercising Because He Was Too Well Endowed

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a prominent and veteran actor, who is famous worldwide. The iconic movie star, along with his punch lines, is also known for the beefed-up body that he maintained throughout his career.

Being a retired professional bodybuilder, Schwarzenegger was asked the question behind his obsession with bodybuilding. When asked about why he felt the need to work out excessively, his answer was quite hilarious to hear.

Arnold Schwarzenegger with a beefed-up body.
Arnold Schwarzenegger with a beefed-up body.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is a Perfectionist

Following his retirement from professional bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger was also known for his iconic roles in movies such as The Terminator, Predator, and, The Expendables. The actor’s muscular body helped him secure prominent roles when a beefed-up body was Hollywood’s cherry on top.

An old interview with the actor was uncovered following the years wherein Schwarzenegger stated his motivation for exercising. The hilarious reply revealed that he was a self-declared perfectionist and that some part of his body was quite bigger than the rest.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in and as The Terminator.
Arnold Schwarzenegger in and as The Terminator.

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The video starts with the interviewer asking the star why he started bodybuilding. Referencing the ’97 pound weakling ad, the man asked if the ad was the reason or anything else. Here’s what Schwarzenegger cited as the reason for his bodybuilding habit to be.

“What happened was I saw one time a 6 foot mirror and I was 15 years old and I looked in the mirror. I was staying there infront of the mirror, totally naked. There was one particular part of my body that was bigger than the rest of it”.

As the audience and the actors started laughing, Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed that he considered himself “a man of perfection” and that is when he started working out.

“I’m a man of perfection, and so I said to myself, ‘I got to bring the rest of the body up to the standard of this one…part. And so, that’s when I started exercising”

Suffice it to say, the actor gained quite a lot of muscle and maintained his body efficiently as long as possible. Arnold Schwarzenegger however, isn’t done with the world of bodybuilding with the latest rumors of a unique workout subscription.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Facetime Gym Goers To “Pump Them Up”

Arnold Schwarzenegger along with Sylvester Stallone in the Expendables 2.
Arnold Schwarzenegger along with Sylvester Stallone in the Expendables 2.

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The Predator actor, being quite active on social media platforms took to his Instagram to invite people to a unique challenge. The challenge would end with the reward of Arnold Schwarzenegger face-timing the winners during their workout sessions and personally cheering them up!

“My team told me external rewards really make people stick to new habits. So I’m going to offer a big one. I am going to pick 3 of you who complete all of your actions for 30 days and give you lifetime access to my upcoming fitness app for free, and I’m going to FaceTime you to pump you up and congratulate you on completing your daily actions.

The offer does seem enticing for gym enthusiasts or Arnold Schwarzenegger fans (or both) to take part in. It is heavily rumored that Arnold Schwarzenegger will star in the movie titled Kung Fury 2 helmed by director David Sandberg. The movie is currently in post-production with not much-confirmed news to go with it.

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