One Piece: A Forgotten Marineford Scene Casts Doubt on Shanks’ True Allegiance as Yonko Sets Out to Find the One Piece

The theories suggest Shanks may have hidden motives for wanting to be the King of the Pirates, like letting Whitebeard and Ace die in Marineford.

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  • The Marineford arc not only features excellent fights but also uncovers secrets that add depth to the story of One Piece.
  • There's a fascinating theory about a Forgotten Marineford Scene with Shanks.
  • Although not shown in the series, this scene raises questions about Shanks' true allegiance as a Yonko sets out.
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One Piece has been incredibly successful in the world of manga and anime. Its popularity can be credited to various factors, such as its characters, world-building, and an engaging story. The creator, Eiichiro Oda, skillfully weaves a narrative where each part significantly contributes to the overall plot, captivating fans for over two decades.

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While you can watch all the One Piece arcs in order, some, like the Marineford arc, have surpassed expectations and are considered the best in the series. The Marineford arc not only delivers some of the series’ best fights but also reveals secrets that enhance the storyline.


There’s an interesting theory about a Forgotten Marineford Scene involving Shanks. This scene, though not shown in the series, raises questions about Shanks’ true allegiance as a Yonko sets out.

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Shanks Intentionally Did Not Save Ace from the Marines

In the Marineford arc of One Piece, Ace faced execution because he was the son of the former Pirate King. Whitebeard and his crew tried to rescue Ace, and Luffy joined in too. Sadly, Ace was killed by Admiral Akainu. Whitebeard also died in the battle. Later, Shanks arrived, putting a stop to the conflict.

Some theories suggest that Shanks might have been in a fight with Kaido during Ace’s execution, as Kaido was also headed to Marineford. However, it’s unlikely Shanks and Kaido fought because Shanks is so powerful that Kaido would likely have been injured.

Kaido Hybrid Form in One Piece

There’s an alternative theory that suggests Shanks deliberately stayed away from Marineford. The idea is that Shanks wanted Whitebeard, a potential rival for the title of Pirate King, to be defeated. This theory implies that Shanks had strategic reasons for not intervening in the battle.

In essence, the Marineford arc involved attempts to save Ace, battles among powerful figures, and the eventual intervention of Shanks to halt the conflict. The theories add intrigue by suggesting hidden motives behind Shanks’ actions during this crucial event.


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Why Did Kaido Want to go to Marineford?

Kaido probably knew Ace was Roger’s son and a “D,” and he likely understood Ace’s intention to challenge him in Wano. Kaido, claiming Luffy couldn’t be Joy Boy, might have meant Ace instead. Despite Kaido knowing a lot about Joy Boy and waiting in Wano for two decades, he’s not the chosen one.

Luffy in Gear 5 from One Piece
Luffy in Gear 5 from One Piece

Joy Boy, hinted to have fire powers, was expected to reveal himself in Wano. Kaido, with his Dragon powers, thought Ace, who promised to return to Wano and defeat him, was Joy Boy. Kaido left Marineford not to avoid a fight but to save Ace for a Wano showdown. However, Shanks intervened, possibly convincing Kaido that Ace wasn’t Joy Boy; Luffy was.

Shanks seemingly sacrificed Ace to make Luffy Joy Boy, explaining his intervention after Ace’s death but before Luffy’s demise. Shanks waited for Ace to die, believing it was necessary for Luffy’s growth and awakening as Joy Boy.


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