One Piece: Buggy’s One Line Has Tarnished Dark King Rayleigh

Rayleigh's legacy is no more spotless.

One Piece: Buggy’s One Line Has Tarnished Dark King Rayleigh


  • Buggy's comment in One Piece: Stampede may have watered down Dark King Silvers Rayleigh's legacy by several levels.
  • During Douglas Bullet's rampage, Buggy mentioned that he Bullet might be on par with prime Silvers Rayleigh.
  • Silvers Rayleigh is a master of all forms of Haki, and the vice-captain of the Roger Pirates, so Buggy might be a little overestimating Bullet's power compared to Rayleigh's.
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Dark King Silvers Rayleigh is one of the most powerful pirates from the old generation. He was the first mate and vice-captain of the Roger Pirates. He is one of the few characters in One Piece who appeared for a little time but left an everlasting impact. People feared him as much as they feared Gol D. Roger. Rayleigh is a master of all advanced forms of Haki.


Even after such charisma and a notorious name all over the Grand Line, he was demeaned by his crewmate. One of the current Emperors of the Sea, Buggy, was a former member of the Roger Pirates. He tarnished Dark King Silvers Rayleigh’s name when he mentioned Douglas Bullet was on the same level as him.

Buggy’s Comment Became A Dark Spot on Rayleigh’s Legacy

Silvers Rayleigh
Dark King Silvers Rayleigh

Douglas Bullet was the main antagonist of the movie, One Piece: Stampede. He revealed himself to be one of the members of the Roger Pirates and used to regularly brawl with the Pirate King. He was a teenager at that point. After that, he consumed the Gasha Gasha no Mi, which allowed him to disassemble and reassemble objects through telekinesis.


He mastered all types of Haki and was freakishly powerful. While he was tackling the entire Worst Generation alone, Buggy commented during Bullet’ teenage days that he was on the same level as Rayleigh. It indicated that after consuming the Gasha Gasha no Mi and mastering every form of Haki, he might be stronger than Rayleigh.


Buggy was on Oro Jackson, along with Rayleigh and Bullet, so he knew both of them closely. His comment is like a dark spot in Dark King’s legacy. Everyone fears him, and he is insanely powerful, but Buggy’s comment on Douglas Bullet proves that he is stronger than the Dark King. It signifies the hype surrounding Rayleigh is momentary and will soon perish.

Buggy was still a kid when he witnessed Dark King’s peak, so it might be that he did not understand their maximum potential. Whatever the reason, knowingly or unknowingly, it has tarnished one of the most iconic character’s names in One Piece.


Rayleigh’s Legacy

rayleigh training monkey d. luffy
Rayleigh training Monkey D. Luffy

Rayleigh is one of the most legendary characters in One Piece. He is the person who trained Monkey D. Luffy and helped him learn all three types of Haki along with Gear 4. During Oden’s backstory, he stopped Marco with just a finger. He swam the ocean full of Sea Kings and reached Amazon Lily. When Blackbeard came to steal Pirate Empress Boa Hancock’s Devil Fruit, he single-handedly stopped him.

Dark King Rayleigh is more than 70 years old, yet he was able to take an Emperor of the Sea and one of the Marine Admirals. Rayleigh’s legacy will forever be one of the most iconic things. Having found Laughtale, his name is etched in Pirate history, so Buggy’s comment barely touches his legacy. But the latter was also his crewmate.

douglas bullet
Douglas Bullet

He might have known him better than a lot of people. When he mentioned Douglas Bullet being on par with him, it came as a surprise to many. But everyone witnessed Bullet’s powers, and none can question Buggy’s comment. While Rayleigh’s legacy is a legend, Buggy’s comment might be held responsible for bringing down its hype by a fraction.

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