One Piece Creator Almost Turned Nami into a Being that Could Have Completely Changed Her Character

The First Character Design of Nami Was Completely Different From Her Current Character in One Piece.

one piece creator almost turned nami into a being that could have completely changed her character


  • Although Nami's character design has gotten somewhat more curvacious in the preceding several years of One Piece, her original appearance was much more rough and tumble.
  • Nami was inspired by two of Eiichiro Oda's earlier characters, Silk and Ann, from his one-shot comic Romance Dawn.
  • Nami's early appearance features baggy, ragged pants with a single stripped legging, obvious body scars, boots, a single metal armoured boot, a single metal-armored gauntlet and a gigantic war axe.
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Nami is one of the most well-known and revered characters in One Piece. Eiichiro Oda’s excellent writing, combined with Nami’s good beauty, intelligence, and resourcefulness, made her a fan favorite. She is the ideal navigator Luffy could ask for, with her focus on developing a complete global atlas and incredible navigating skills. Although Nami’s character design has become considerably more curvacious in the previous few years of One Piece, her original appearance was much more rough and dangerous.


The early Nami concept depicts a far different version of the Straw Hat Pirates’ thief and navigator than fans have seen in the actual series and if Oda’s initial design for Nami had been selected by the creator as her permanent character design, it would have not only completely changed the storyline, but also would have given her a different identity as a whole.

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Current Character Design of Nami from One Piece

Nami is a thin young woman of medium height, with orange hair and brown eyes. Many characters appear to think she’s a beautiful woman. Nami was inspired by two of Eiichiro Oda’s earlier characters, Silk and Ann, from his one-shot comic Romance Dawn. Nami is trendy, and her style shifts throughout One Piece. Her general physique matures gradually during the series and then abruptly during the time skip. She was first seen wearing a white-and-blue striped top, an orange miniskirt, and orange boots. Her wardrobe and hairstyles vary regularly.

Nami's Character Design
Nami’s Character Design

Concerning her ethnic appearance, Oda explained that he imagines Nami to be of Swedish nationality if it were a real-world situation. However, the initial design of Nami was completely different and would have changed the perspective of the fans on the character as it involved mechanical hands, legs, and a battle axe.

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Nami’s Initial Character Design Was Much Different

Nami is stylish, and her outfits alter throughout One Piece. Nami’s early appearance, on the other hand, includes bunches, tattered pants with a single stripped legging, visible body scars, boots, a single metal armored boot, a single metal-armored gauntlet, and a massive war axe. The axe is likewise encased in a heavy-looking chain and is nearly as tall as she is from blade to handle. Another intriguing detail is the absence of Nami’s shoulder tattoo in these designs.
Oda originally intended for Nami to use a big axe, but he later changed his mind and replaced it with a pole-based weapon. Nami was the lone woman on the crew in an early version of the Straw Hats.

Nami's Initial Character Design
Nami’s Initial Character Design

While the Nami in One Piece is awesome, the earlier concept would have made her seem menacing. However, it would have affected the story largely and would have changed the approach and love fans have for the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates.

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