One Piece: Eiichiro Oda’s Latest Revelation Might Upset Many Fans Waiting for Smoker to Join the Straw Hats Pirates

Some fans might be upset from Bonney joining the Straw Hat Pirates, as they hoped Smoker would be the next and final Luffy crewmember.

One Piece: Eiichiro Oda’s Latest Revelation Might Upset Many Fans Waiting for Smoker to Join the Straw Hats Pirates


  • The creator of One Piece has foreshadowed quite clearly, how Jewelry Bonney is most likely to be the next Straw Hat member.
  • Some fans might be upset with the revelation, as they hoped Smoker would be the next pirate to come under Luffy's crew.
  • Bonney and the Straw Hat pirates are most likely headed to the Elbaf Island as they get rescued by the Giant Pirates.
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As the One Piece manga series is approaching the Egghead Arc finale, it is clearer by the day who is going to be the 11th and the final Straw Hat Member in the coming chapters.

It has been heavily foreshadowed by Eiichiro Oda how Jewelry Bonney is most likely to end up as the final member to join Luffy’s crew, bringing joy to many readers. However, some fans might be upset by this latest addition to the crew, as they hoped that Smoker would be the one to finally become Luffy’s crewmate.

Straw Hat Pirates | One Piece
Straw Hat Pirates | One Piece

Relation Of Smoker And Luffy Over The Years In One Piece

Smoker has been a significant character in the series ever since it began and originally posed as a Marine antagonist who would restlessly hunt down Monkey D. Luffy to finally arrest him. Over the years, Smoker and the Straw Hat Pirates have shown to be grown closer, even having each other’s back when it was needed.

Smoker’s character development as the series progressed is what has made the watchers and readers alike fall in love with him, hoping he would in the future join the Straw Hat Pirates. This is also why fans might get upset when they get to know how it is most likely Jewelry Bonney who will be the final crew member of the Straw Hats.

Smoker and Luffy | One Piece
Smoker and Luffy | One Piece

While many would argue that Smoker is a Marine Admiral, which skims the chances of him joining the Straw Hat crew, we have been shown how he and Kuzan have questioned their loyalty to the World Government. And with Kuzan joining Blackbeard’s crew, it would have been possible for Smoker to join Luffy too.


Why Jewelry Bonney Is Most Likely The Next And Final Straw Hat Pirate In One Piece

As mentioned before, as we near the end of the Egghead Island Arc, it seems to be more likely that Eiichiro Oda is going to make Bonney the last member to join Luffy’s Crew. This will mean that she will sail with them on the Thousand Sunny to the next island.

One of the prime reasons why she is probably the next member of the crew is how she is being relentlessly hunted down by the World Government. This is because she has control over the Pacifista Units in One Piece, making her a threat to the World Government and leaving her no choice but to join Luffy on his adventure as they escape from Egghead Island.

Jewelry Bonney | One Piece
Jewelry Bonney

Luffy and the rest of the crew along with Bonney are most likely to head towards the next adventure soon enough, as they were rescued by the Giant Pirates from Egghead Island while being surrounded by Marines. They will be taken to Elbaf Island, starting what seems to be one of the final Arcs in the series as we approach the end.

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