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One Piece Fans Need to Thank Henry Cavill and The Witcher For the Unbelievably Good Actions Scenes in One Piece Season 1

One Piece Fans Need to Thank Henry Cavill and The Witcher For the Unbelievably Good Actions Scenes in One Piece Season 1

Since its release, One Piece Live-Action has been a huge hit, and fans have embraced what is likely the first successful live-action anime ever. The adaptation is praiseworthy and liked by all One Piece fans, whether it’s the VFX or the characters. Many people complimented the actors, graphics, narrative, and characters of the first season.

The series follows the exploits of Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate who wishes to become King of the Pirates by discovering Gol D. Rodger’s riches. The biggest applause the creators got was for the cast and how they were able to adapt the characters perfectly and not just the emotion, but their actions too.

Netflix's One Piece
Netflix’s One Piece

The Director of the series Marc Jobst explained how they took the auditions for the series and what was the most important aspect for the actors during the shoot of the series. He also explained how these qualities helped in the development of unbelievably good action scenes.

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Marc Jobst Explained How He Shot The Brilliant Action Scenes

During an Interview with ScreenRant+, the director of the hit series One Piece Live-Action, Jobst talked about how he wanted physical actors who could also adapt to the action sequences. He said:

“I wanted physical actors, not only actors who can act, hold drama in emotional scenes, but also who could carry some of the action. Because the way that I shoot action, and the way that I wanted to shoot action for One Piece in particular, was in big, long, flowing shots that follow them through from one sequence to the next and then pick up another actor in all the rest of it.”

Netflix One Piece
Netflix’s One Piece Fight Scene

He explained how he wanted a flowing shot for the action aspect of the movie that would smoothly move from one sequence to another which is why they needed physical actors. He also stated that he learned this while working with Henry Cavil during The Witcher.

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Marc Jobst’s Experience While Working with Henry Cavil during The Witcher

During the interview, he explained how the flow of the shot of any action sequence breaks when the actors are constantly replaced with stunt doubles. He also stated that he learned this during his time working with Henry Cavil. He said:

“If you’re constantly having to replace the actor with stunt doubles, you can’t do that, and that’s something that I learned on The Witcher when I was working with Henry Cavill.”

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill – The Witcher

The action scenes of the series got great appreciation from the fans because they were very realistic and brought a similar feeling to the anime series. This only became possible because Jobst was able to use his experience from The Witcher days and for this, the One Piece fans need to thank Henry Cavil.

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Source: Screen Rant Plus

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