One Piece Finally Following Naruto’s Footsteps in Going for a Remake Adaptation with Netflix and WIT Studios

New One Piece anime remake is under works by WIT Studios and Netflix.

One Piece Finally Following Naruto’s Footsteps in Going for a Remake Adaptation with Netflix and WIT Studios


  • The official "ONE PIECE TV Anime" anime adaptation remake is being developed by WIT Studio and Netflix and will go by the name "THE ONE PIECE."
  • With this remake, the anime is commemorating One Piece's 25 years.
  • Although the anime series begins with the East Blue Saga, it's unclear if this implies it will cover additional ground.
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The wave of One Piece has reached new heights this year because of the successful live-action adaptation, the conclusion of the Wano arc in both anime and manga and finally entering its final saga with the beginning of the Egghead Island arc. 

Strawhats in One Piece
Strawhat Pirates in One Piece

Eiichiro Oda’s masterpiece has been running for the better part of 20 years and now as the series enters the climax, fans can’t wait to watch their favorite protagonist Monkey D. Luffy become the King of the Pirates, thus ending the tale of One Piece. However, this may not be the end of the franchise.

As the series has just started with the live-action adaptation and is awaiting the release of the second season, the anime adaptation remake of “ONE PIECE TV Anime” is officially being developed by WIT Studio and Netflix under the title “THE ONE PIECE.” This news was announced during the Jump Festa 2024 along with a teaser.


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One Piece Remake With WIT Studio Announced in Jump Festa 2024

The One Piece is a Netflix remake of the One Piece anime, which Wit Studio is producing, according to information released at the Jump Festa ’24 event on Sunday. The anime is celebrating 25 years with this remake. After Jump Festa 2024, new details about the ongoing anime were also revealed along with the announcement which talked about the new theme songs for the current anime series.

One Piece WIT Studio
One Piece WIT Studio

Undoubtedly a groundbreaking announcement, the One Piece anime remake will be produced by WIT Studio, one of the top anime studios in Japan. The most well-known works that Wit Studio has produced are the seasons of Spy X Family, Attack On Titan, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, Vinland Saga, Bubble, and many more.


According to the tweet, the anime series is starting from the East Blue Saga, but it isn’t confirmed if this means it will cover more ground than that. Including the Loguetown Arc and the Romance Dawn Arc, the East Blue Saga will include some of the greatest One Piece storylines. 

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WIT Studio’s President Talks About Taking on One Piece

In a tweet which was shared by the official account of One Piece, WIT Studio’s president Takeshi Wataka talked about the challenge of taking on such a giant franchise and making a remake. He said:

“After thinking through many concerns before taking on this new adventure, I decided to discuss it with everyone and take a stand. ONE PIECE is an anime with over 1000 episodes created by everyone at Toei Animation. I am humbled by the weight of our history and the prospect of charting a new trajectory.”

One Piece
One Piece

This is truly a new beginning for One Piece and would bring a new challenge for WIT Studios, as they are looking for help from other creators and their participation to make the series as good or even better than the original.

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