One Piece: Has Former Admiral Aokiji Gone Entirely Bad? – Kuzan’s Blackbeard Alliance Explained

One Piece: Has Former Admiral Aokiji Gone Entirely Bad? - Kuzan's Blackbeard Alliance Explained

Recently, One Piece anime broke the internet with Monkey D. Luffy’s Gear 5 transformation. Those who have read the manga knew how exciting it was for a long time. The One Piece manga is currently going through huge developments. The way Eiichiro Oda has been filling every detail, it is beautiful just to get a glimpse of it.

Among all those developments, one character has wholly shifted his focus. Fans could not believe it when they read the One Piece manga. The character was considered to be one of the strongest in One Piece. He was an admiral but has joined the Blackbeard Pirates. People thought it was just a rumor. But recent One Piece manga chapters confirmed him joining a Yonko Crew. The character is none other than Aokiji.

Is Aokiji Done With Justice?


Former Admiral Aokiji, also known as Kuzan, has joined hands with the Blackbeard Pirates. He is now the 10th Commander of the Blackbeard Pirates. This is an excellent change of fate in One Piece, considering that Aokiji was the only one among the admirals who would sympathize with civilians. His joining the crew of a Yonko has raised the question of whether he is done with justice or not.

This is a difficult question since his intentions have not yet been clarified. Fans are speculating that he is working as an undercover agent to gather inside intel from the Blackbeard Pirates. At the same time, some believe that he is no longer a marine since the Punk Hazard incident. He wants his own freedom, so he chooses to shift paths completely from a Navy Admiral to a Yonko Commander. He experienced the pinnacle of both sides.

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How Did Aokiji Join The Blackbeard Pirates?

Sengoku preferred Aokiji to be his successor, while the Marines wanted Akainu to be their Fleet Admiral. This cold war led to the fight between Aokiji and Akainu. Their intense fight took place on Punk Hazard. Akainu won after he cut off one of Aokiji’s legs. After that incident, Aokiji left the Marines. During his journey, Blackbeard Pirates attacked him in order to steal his Devil Fruit. But Aokiji overpowered them all.

Blackbeard Marshall D.Teach

After a little bit of persuasion and a few drinks with Blackbeard, Aokiji unfroze them. At that moment, Blackbeard told him about the man with the burnt scar (Saul D. Jaguar) and the whereabouts of a Red Poneglyph. Suddenly, Lafitte, one of the commanders of Blackbeard, attacked Kuzan, which led to an all-out battle. With a lot of difficulty, Blackbeard controlled the situation and offered Aokiji to be the 10th Commander of his crew. Aokiji accepted his offer.

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Aokiji’s Future in One Piece

Aokiji is a man who wants to be free, yet he has a strong sense of justice. While Akainu was seen to be working at the Navy Headquarters, Aokiji was always roaming the sea on his cycle. Joining Blackbeard Pirates will give him his ultimate freedom. But the justice part is still a bit cloudy. Eiichiro Oda has foreshadowed a fight between Blackbeard Pirates and Monkey D. Garp.

When Garp went to save Koby from the Pirate Island, Blackbeard Pirates attacked him. After defeating them all, Aokiji came to their rescue. An intense fight broke out between the Vice-admiral and the former Admiral. Due to Garp’s fatigue from previous fights, Kuzan managed to overpower him and shackled him down with an ice spear through his stomach. During this time, Koby managed to escape and Garp was declared missing by the Navy.

Blackbeard Pirates - One Piece
Blackbeard Pirates

One Piece fans are in a dilemma after reading chapter 1081 on manga. Kuzan never revealed his personal reason for joining a Yonko. He can lead them to a path that will cause their downfall or become one of their valuable assets. Aokiji has Devil Fruit awakening, so if he turns corrupt, the Navy and Straw Hats could face future problems. Until Kuzan’s truth is known, speculation is our only source of information. Only time will tell how valuable of an ally or how dangerous an enemy Aokiji could be during One Piece‘s final battle. Let us keep our faith in Eiichiro Oda Sensei.  

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