One Piece: Imu’s Real Past Might Be a Heartbroken Man Who Hates Joyboy for Taking Away the One Thing He Loved the Most 

Queen Lily from One Piece might have been in love with Joy Boy, to Imu's ire.

Imu One Piece


  • Imu and Lily might have been married but Lily fell in love with Joy Boy which sparked Imu's rage.
  • Lily also took over Joy Boy's middle name and realized that she should follow him.
  • Imu found out about this and forced her to grant him immortality.
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Some One Piece theories can make you overthink life, others can make you overthink the sanity of the theorist. Which one is it going to be this time? You will figure it out as you go.


One particular theory questions the relationship between One Piece‘s main antagonist, Imu, and the woman he is seemingly obsessed with, Nefertari D. Lili. In a shocking twist, the theory claims that Imu has a rightful claim to remember her and why he needs Vivi.

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One Piece Theory Claims Imu was Married to Queen Lily

Imu One Piece | Toei
Imu One Piece | Toei

In a fresh One Piece theory called “The Husband Theory,” it has been claimed that Imu and Nefertari D. Lily were actually married to each other. The timeline of the conjugation isn’t specified and it probably happened during the Void Century.


Apparently, the two heads were married for political alliance and benefits, but Imu eventually fell in love with her. Unfortunately for him, Joy Boy arrived just in time to upend the corrupt system of the world.

Lily fell in love with Joy Boy and realized the corruption in the world. Alternatively, she could have been forced to marry Imu and Joy Boy was the savior she sought. Imu found out about Lily’s true feelings and could not spare her life.

One Piece Gorosei and Imu
Gorosei bowing down to Imu | Toei

But before he could realize what was happening in Lily’s mind, she had already fallen for Joy Boy and had woken up to the disastrous deeds of the Government. She thus took the middle name ‘D’ from Joy Boy, and it has been passed down in her bloodline for generations.


You could compare Lily’s awakening and Joy Boy’s impact on her life with how Luffy changed Vivi’s life and helped her. Unlike Luffy, Joy Boy might have been unsuccessful in saving her from her tragic fate. Imu’s relationship with Lily also explains why he is trying to find Vivy.

Queen Lily had Ope Ope no Mi

The theory also claims that Queen Lily possessed the Ope Ope no Mi, the Paramecia type Devil Fruit that grants immortality. It is currently in the possession of Trafalgar D. Law, but its previous users are unknown.

Queen Lily | One Piece
Queen Lily | One Piece Viz Media

While Ope Ope no Mi helps its users cure untreatable illnesses, and miraculour recoveries, it also has a fatal flaw. By sacrificing the life of its user, the fruit can grant immortality to one individual. If Queen Lily possessed the Ope Ope no Mi fruit then Imu’s obsession with her could be explained.


As explained earlier, Imu was in love with Lily or atleast he was already involved in a political marriage with her. He must have known about her devil fruit powers. After he had his hreat broken and realized that Lily’s loyalty lay with his sworn enemy, he might have tried to take advantage of her.

He might have forced her to sacrifice her life and grant immortality to him. This describes why Imu is an immortal and has been alive since the Void Century.

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