One Piece Theory: Luffy Will Have to Swallow the Bitter Pill and Let the World be Destroyed to Know Laugh Tale’s Location

Luffy has to let the world sink so that the One Piece reveals itself and becomes the savior of humanity.

Luffy Laugh Tale


  • The One Piece treasure is not some gold or a vague ideology but the Laugh Tale island itself.
  • A theory states that once the world sinks, it would become the only place for humans to survive.
  • The Celestial Dragons and Gorosei want to prevent people from knowing the truth.
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Spoiler Alert !!!
One Piece manga spoilers ahead

There are two things that plague the minds of One Piece fans at the moment. The first is the ever-puzzling matter of One Piece, and the second is a more recent concern that stemmed from Vegapunk’s announcement to the world.


According to the genius scientist, the world of One Piece would sink because of an impending war. So now Luffy is no longer a jolly pirate in search of a legendary treasure, he also has to take the burden of saving the world.

Meanwhile, a One Piece theory has stringed together the scattered hints in the manga to explain how the ‘treasure’ ties in with the world’s dire predicament.


The World has to Sink for the One Piece to Reveal Itself

One Piece - Laugh Tale
One Piece – Laugh Tale | Viz Media

Before talking about Laugh Tale, you need to know the inspiration behind One Piece. It is a common belief that One Piece is inspired by Mirai Shounen Conan, a 1978 anime directed by Hayao Miyazaki in which mankind is near extinction due to the damage done to the world. The continents have sunk under the oceans and devastating wars have created a post-apocalyptic world.

The premise is extremely similar to One Piece. In Eiichiro Oda‘s creation, continents have been swallowed up by water, with only small islands scattered throughout the world. From here, stems a theory that One Piece is the whole island of Laugh Tale.

Gol D. Roger One Piece
Roger laughing after finding Joy Boy’s treasure | One Piece Toei

When the Roger Pirates reached Laugh Tale, they claimed that they reached too early. But what if it wasn’t in relation to Joy Boy’s appearance but in relation to Laugh Tale revealing its purpose? The purpose of the Laugh Tale could be to keep humanity alive once everything else sinks. It could be the sole abode of every survivor, thus becoming One Piece or the only land above water.


At this point in the franchise, the One Piece can hardly be just gold, it has to be something more. At the same time, Oda would not want a vague lesson or ideology to be One Piece. But what about the sole abode of humans? Can there be a greater treasure than that?

If the One Piece is Laugh Tale, Why is the World Government Pressed About it?

If the One Piece is truly just an island, then why are the Gorosei and Celestial Dragons trying their best to prevent people from finding it? The answer is quite simple. They only care for themselves and want to prevent overcrowding on the island.

Celestial Dragons One Piece Fandom
Celestial Dragons | One Piece Toei

If the whole world sunk underwater, everyone would resort to some high ground. If Laugh Tale is the only one that remained unsubmerged then people would crowd there. However, that is not a sustainable solution.


In order for the Celestial Dragons to maintain a lavish lifestyle, they would need a moderate number of people on the island, and thus want to prevent it from becoming public knowledge. This is why Vegapunk’s announcements shook the World Government to the core. He had divulged top-secret information due to which people are aware that they need to find higher ground.

You can read One Piece on Viz Media and watch the anime on Crunchyroll.


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