One Piece Theory: Zoro Lost His Eye the Same Way as One MCU Character

Zoro losing his eye might be similar to what happened with Nicky Fury in the Marvel franchise.

One Piece Theory: Zoro Lost His Eye the Same Way as One MCU Character


  • One Piece fans have a lot of theories regarding Zoro's closed eye.
  • Nick Fury also lost his eye and fans had similar thoughts regarding his eye and propounded many theories.
  • It was revealed that Nick lost his eye due to Goose scratching it and fans believe that Zoro might have lost his eye while training with Mihawk.
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One Piece has been going on for more than two decades now and somehow everything connected to the story has always been foreshadowed beforehand by Oda sensei. When it comes to foreshadowing, Oda sensei is in a league of his own, and fans tend to focus on every single motion.

Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury

One of the most interesting topics of discussion in the One Piece community is Zoro’s eye, which seems to be closed. Many fans speculate that it might be a power but he could have lost his eye in the same way as Nick Fury lost his eye in Captain Marvel.

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Zoro from One Piece and Nick Fury from Marvel might be similar in terms of how they lost their eyes

One of the most discussed topics in the One Piece Community since the Final Sea: The New World saga is what happened with Zoro.

As we know, the Straw-Hats took a hiatus of two years to come back stronger. As everyone was training hard, Zoro went to Mihawk to improve.

Upon returning, it was shown that he keeps his one eye shut and fans began to speculate about a new power-up, focusing all the energy in a single eye in order to improve eyesight, etc.


Many point to Zoro’s Asura form as being related to this change; however, the majority of the fanbase has a differing opinion.

Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro from One Piece

Similar to Nick Fury, who also lost his eye, Marvel fans had a lot of theories on how he could have lost it in battle or purposely taken it out; however, the reason was revealed in Captain Marvel.

It turns out he lost his eye due to Goose just scratching it, making all the theories go down the drain, and fans believe a similar instance might have happened with Zoro.


Fans believe that while training he could have lost his eye and now keeps it closed with no power-up or hidden meaning involved.

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Fans tend to over-think things in One Piece

Oda sensei is a genius, has linked several aspects of the story with each other, and has showcased his ability to hide things in hindsight.


Everyone is aware of his foreshadowing skills, which are second to none; however, there are times when fans just go way down into theories.

This often happens when fans tend to focus on things that do not exist and were not the intention of the author as well.

Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece
Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece

One Piece is a masterpiece and the fans have developed a routine of looking into tiny details in Oda Sen’s work.


Although it usually pays off and there are hints hidden, occasionally they get negative output and arrive at a bad conclusion.

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