One Piece: What is the God Valley Incident? – Every Major Character That Fought in World Government’s Infamous Battle

The legendary battle of God Valley took places decades before the main storyline of One Piece began, with many major characters being a part of it

What is the God Valley Incident? – Every Major Character That Fought in World Government’s Infamous Battle


  • One Piece fans are familiar with the God Valley Incident as it is often referred to in the storyline
  • The infamous battle took place about 38 years before the main storyline of the manga began
  • The incident involved many major characters including Roger Pirates and D. Garp
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One of the most significant things in One Piece is the God Valley Incident. It happened way before the Great Pirate Era started and even before the age of Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King. 

Shanks from One Piece
Shanks from One Piece

The event took place due to Rock Pirates, the most substantial group to rule the seas of One Piece during that era. God Valley was an island on the Grand Line, and the incident took place 38 years before the current storyline.

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What happened in the God Valley incident in One Piece?

God Valley, Shiki, Kaido and Roger's Sword
God Valley, Shiki, Kaido, and Roger’s Sword

38 years prior to the start of the main storyline of One Piece, the God Valley Incident took place. The battle consisted of discord between the Rocks Pirates and a joint effort of the Roger Pirates and the Marines.

Some of the slaves of the World Nobles were present in the God Valley for some reason. The crew of Rocks D. Xebec was planning to attack the World Nobles, and in order to protect them from the ambush, Marine Vice-Admiral Monkey D. Garp had to form an alliance with the captain of the Roger Pirates, Gol D. Roger.

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Who are the characters that fought the World Government in the God Valley?

God Valley in One Piece
God Valley in One Piece

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The World Nobles, also known as Celestial Dragons, are generally on the top of the Red Line. Every once in a while, they descend down to the Sabaody Archipelago to buy slaves from the Auction House. According to Sengoku, while the incident in God Valley took place, Celestial Dragons were present at God Valley along with a bunch of slaves for some reason. Their presence was the main reason why the attack happened in the first place.

Garp’s name was engraved as a Navy legend because of the God Valley Incident, which earned him the title of “The Hero of the Marines.” The Navy even said that Garp took on all the Rock Pirates alone. He played a crucial role in the entire incident in defeating Rocks with the help of Roger.


The Roger Pirates were the pirate crew of the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. The only crew to ever reach Laugh Tale, the end of the world in Grand Line, was the Roger Pirates. They were rivals with the Whitebeard Pirates and came across Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp on several occasions.

Rocks D. Xebec, the legendary pirate, started the God Valley Incident. He wanted to become the King of the World, and for some unknown reason, he decided to ambush World Nobles and their slaves at God Valley. This resulted in his infamous crew, which once ruled the seas, engaging in combat with powerful pirates and Marines.


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