One Piece’s Prequel Monsters: Eiichiro Oda is Hiding a Secret Connection Between Ryuma and Joyboy? Zoro and Luffy’s Bond Will Convince You So

Fan theory finds a connection between the Sword God and Joyboy that connects them to the Strawhat Pirates.

One Piece's Prequel Monsters: Eiichiro Oda is Hiding a Secret Connection Between Ryuma and Joyboy? Zoro and Luffy's Bond Will Convince You So


  • Netflix recent released Eiichiro Oda's one shot manga, Monsters, as an anime film and fans have found a connection between Joyboy and Ryuma.
  • Monsters shows the journey of Ryuma during the Void Century and fans believe that he might be the vice-captain of Joyboy's crew.
  • Since Ryuma is Roronoa Zoro's ancestor, he might have inherited his will like Monkey D, Luffy inherited Joyboy's will, and like the Strawhats, they might be crewmates.
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Recently, Netflix adapted Eiichiro Oda’s one-shot manga, Monsters, into an anime movie, and the fans went wild over it. The film is based on the Sword God, Ryuma, who is regarded as the greatest swordsman to ever live in One Piece. He was originally from the Land of Wano and got the title after slaying a dragon. Roronoa Zoro faced his zombie in the Thriller Bark arc.


Monsters is a prequel to One Piece and vividly shows Ryuma’s journey. But, like always, the fans have found an interesting connection between Ryuma and Joyboy. The connection even brings Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro into play. While it is still a fan theory, it is no surprise to the One Piece fans that both Joyboy and Ryuma existed during the Void Century.

Fans Have Found A Connection Between Joyboy and Ryuma

ryuma - one piece

Most of the mysteries in One Piece are surrounding the Void Century that existed 800 years ago. The World Government has erased every possible information of the Void Century except for the poneglyph. Two of the strongest beings in One Piece, Joyboy, and Ryuma, existed during that period, and after Eiichiro Oda’s Monsters, a new fan theory surfaced on the internet.


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The fan theory claims that One Piece will get carried over from generation to generation. In an SBS, it is said that Ryuma is an ancestor of Roronoa Zoro. So, it is possible that Ryuma’s will was inherited by Zoro. On the other hand, Joyboy’s will is inherited by Monkey D. Luffy, and it has been confirmed that he is Joyboy.

Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece
Monkey D. Luffy inherited Joyboy’s will

Seeing Luffy and Zoro’s connection, the fan theory claims that Ryuma could be the vice-captain of Joyboy’s crew. There are a lot of reasons that prove it. The first is that they existed during the same time. Then there is the inheritance of will, which shows how close Luffy and Zoro are. If they inherited Joyboy’s and Ryuma’s will, respectively, it could be possible that they might have had a connection.


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More on One Piece’s 800 Year Connection

Even though the fan theory is not entirely flawless, it holds a significant amount of ground. In almost every crew in One Piece, it is seen that the vice-captain or the first commander of every pirate screw is a swordsman or someone who wields blades. So, it could be possible that Ryuma was on Joyboy’s ship.

Monsters by Eiichiro Oda

Ryuma’s sword, Shusui, became a black sword after going through several battles. If he boarded Joyboy’s ship, he could have traveled to several places and faced several enemies, thus helping his sword turn black. The carrying of will is an interesting theory, and it shows some connection between the Void Century and the present day.

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While it remains a fan theory and the Void Century a mystery, all will be cleared once Eiichiro Oda decides to reveal it all. Monsters is a big step towards the Void Century. One Piece is already in its Final Saga, so it won’t be long for the mangaka to reveal everything. Fans are eagerly waiting for that day.


Monsters is available on Netflix, and One Piece is available on Crunchyroll.

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