One Piece’s Prequel Monsters: Who Killed Ryuma? Zoro’s Godlike Ancestor Suffered the Same Fate as Whitebeard and Gol D Roger

Shimotsuki Ryuma's Death in One Piece Explained.

One Piece’s Prequel Monsters: Who Killed Ryuma? Zoro's Godlike Ancestor Suffered the Same Fate as Whitebeard and Gol D Roger


  • The recent Netflix release of "Monsters 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation" has given Shimotsuki Ryuma's life a fresh outlook.
  • The manner of Shimotsuki Ryuma's death in the series is something that many One Piece fans are unaware of, though.
  • Ryuma shared the same fate as Gol D. Roger, the former Pirate King, and Yonko Whitebeard.
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Monsters 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation recently streamed on Netflix, and it has brought a new perspective to Shimotsuki Ryuma’s life. The zombie swordsman from One Piece’s thriller bark arc and the Sword God’s adventure was loved by fans even though it was a 25-minute episode series.

Monsters: 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation
Monsters 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation

The series not only brought an understanding of the feats and achievements of Ryuma as the Sword God or the “King” Ryuma, but it also gave an explanation of what was Ryuma’s personality like when he was alive. Ryuma’s life, which lived during Wano’s “Country of Gold” era centuries ago, became much clearer after Monsters.

However, one thing that many One Piece fans won’t know about Shimotsuki Ryuma is how he died in the series and if he was killed by someone, who would be strong enough to do it. On the contrary, Ryuma suffered the same fate as Yonko Whitebeard and former King of the Pirates Gol D. Roger.


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Shimotsuki Ryuma’s Death in One Piece

It is unknown what happened to Ryuma after that, except that he died at the age of 47 from an unknown illness. This was similar to what happened to Roger and Whitebeard. However, they were killed before their illness took their lives. Ryuma’s remains have been laid to rest in the Northern Cemetery in Ringo with Shusui. Ringo has distinctive cultural practices known as the Eternal Grave. 

The bodies of those placed to rest in Ringo will be frozen solid due to the low temperatures. This implies that the bodies put to rest in Ringo will remain mostly intact even after centuries have passed. Following this tradition, Ryuma’s body was also perfectly preserved and did not decay due to Ringo’s extremely cold climate. 

Shimotsuki Ryuma - One Piece
Shimotsuki Ryuma – One Piece

Hundreds of years after Ryuma passed away, Moria desecrated his tomb by taking Shusui and his body, which brought the whole Wano Country to its downfall. Later, Moria changed Ryuma’s body into a zombie by placing Brook’s soul who fought against Zoro and lost, ultimately handing him over the Shusui, which was later placed back on his grave by Zoro.

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The Legendary Life of Shimotsuki Ryuma

Shimotsuki Ryuma was born in Wano Country’s northernmost province, Ringo. He came from a long line of Daimyo of Ringo, the Shimotsuki Clan. Thus, Ryuma was a nobleman. For them, being a warrior was essentially a way of life. 

Ryuma in his Prime
Ryuma in his Prime

Every child in Ringo is supposed to receive a katana according to tradition. This is the katana they will carry with them for the rest of their lives, and it will serve as a grave marker upon their passing. The youthful Ryuma made the decision to depart from Wano and explore the outside world. 

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Along the way of his journey, he saved many people’s lives. His rescuers began to refer to him as “The Great Swordsman King.” He didn’t even realize that, though, because the man himself didn’t care about fame. Thus, as time passed, Ryuma became the strongest swordsman in the world, and his name is written in history for eternity.


You can watch Monsters 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation on Netflix.


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