One Piece’s Saint Jaygarcia Saturn’s Untapped Potential All but Confirms the Gorosei’s True Nature

One Piece's Latest Chapter Reveals The True Nature of Gorosei confirming that they are not humans.

One Piece’s Saint Jaygarcia Saturn’s Untapped Potential All but Confirms the Gorosei’s True Nature


  • One Piece's latest chapter confirms that the Gorosei or the five elders are not humans
  • Saturn shows his abilities during the Egghead Island arc which reveals the true nature of the five elders.
  • As the story progresses more details about the Five Elders will be revealed.
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There are many powerful characters in One Piece who have exploited their authority to spread their influence, and the Gorosei are no exception. They are the leaders of the World Government in the eyes of the general public, making them the most powerful persons on the planet. They are a group of five Celestial Dragons who oversee the Marines and all matters about the allied nations. It wasn’t until lately that the series disclosed their names, as well as their titles.

One Piece Gorosei
One Piece Gorosei

There is very little information revealed about the Gorosei. In the Reverie flashback, they transform into demonic beings to defeat Sabo. This and many other such incidents recently shown in One Piece manga confirm that the Gorosei are probably not humans.

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The Five Elders or The Gorosei in One Piece

The Five Elders are a council of the five highest-ranking Celestial Dragons who serve as the World Government’s public leaders. In terms of public knowledge, they wield the most power in the world, however, they secretly serve as figureheads for the government’s shadow leader Imu, who sits on the Empty Throne. The political clout of the Five Elders over the World Government, its subsidiary organizations, agencies, and military units. Gorosei has been cloaked in mystery for years, yet at least they had human forms. That is until they transformed into demonic beings to kill Sabo.

One Piece Five Elders

And now, during the Egghead Island storyline, One Piece is throwing massive indications that the Gorosei (Five Elders), the main villains of its final chapter, aren’t human. After the introduction of Saint Jaygarcia Saturn in the recent chapters, the series has also showcased his powers in Chapter 1095 confirming the true nature of the Gorosei.


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Saturn’s Abilities Confirm that The Gorosei are not Human

In One Piece chapter 1094, Saturn enters Egghead and transforms into something resembling a Ushi-oni, yokai, from Western Japanese legend. It appears that One Piece chapter 1095 will lay a strong emphasis on the God Valley Incident, which occurred 38 years ago. However, in the flashback, the Gorosei seem the same as they do now, implying that they did not age overnight. The story also demonstrates that Saturn healed relatively soon after Bonney stabbed him. Such healing powers are otherworldly. Also In Chapter 1090, Jaygarcia Saturn urges his underling not to worry about the human losses in the upcoming fight because humans are similar to insects. The fact that they are looking down on all of humanity implies that they are not human.

Jaygarcia Saturn
One of the five elders – Jaygarcia Saturn

One Piece has a lot of mysteries and the true nature of the five elders is one of them. However, as the story progresses, we can hope that we might get to know more about them in the upcoming chapters.


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