One Post-Infinity War Marvel Villain Proved Thanos’ ‘Universal Balance’ Theory Dead Wrong

Thanos would not only have had a gentler solution, but also a loyal lieutenant had he played his cards right.

One Post-Infinity War Marvel Villain Proved Thanos’ ‘Universal Balance’ Theory Dead Wrong


  • Thanos' idea of cutting the world's population into half might not have been required if he met the High Evolutionary.
  • The High Evolutionary was able to settle a planet by himself, with limited resources, something that could have helped the starving populations Thanos came across.
  • Thanos and The High Evolutionary are the few villains the MCU has done right.
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One of the hottest debates that came out resulted from Avengers: Infinity War was how right was Thanos with his plan. Destroying half the life in the universe was something that he described as a “mercy’, but fans were less convinced about it in the real world.


Within the narrative machinery of the MCU, there already exists a villain who would have proven Thanos wrong. In fact, one would assume that they could have crossed each other’s paths. Not only does this character prove Thanos wrong, but it can be assumed that they would push back against the Mad Titan had they butted heads on the Cosmic side of the MCU.

While Thanos could have doubled resources, The High Evolutionary could have looked at redistribution

Chukwudi Iwuji
Chukwudi Iwuji’s High Evolutionary in GoTG Vol. 3

As the High Evolutionary was able to settle an entire planet with limited resources, the mad scientist, along with the reach and influence of the Mad Titan, could have looked at relocating the resources of the universe, while also modifying the likes of plants and animals to be able to reproduce.

As for material resources, the characters could have worked towards reallocating those too, given that as the Marvel Universe Stands, civilizations can create Dyson Sphears (as seen in Thor: Ragnarok) which could only have been made with a nigh planet’s worth of materials. Thanos and High Evolutionary, along with Killmonger and Hela, have the distinction of being some of the better villains of the MCU.


Both the characters were hell-bent on creating utopias but understood that the reality of one would require immense sacrifice. Thanos would snap away half the universe, and the High Evolutionary would tear apart the universe person by person to create the perfect world.

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