One Punch Man Chapter 193 Pays Homage to Dragon Ball After the Introduction of the Nine Orbs

One Punch Man Introduces The Nine Orbs which is a reference to the iconic Dragon Balls from the series Dragon Ball.

One Punch Man Chapter 193 Pays Homage to Dragon Ball After the Introduction of the Nine Orbs


  • One Punch Man pays homage to the popular anime and manga series Dragon Ball
  • One Punch Man manga chapter 193 references the Dragon Balls and the Dragon Shenron in the series.
  • The series even references God of Destruction Beerus in a way.
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Many anime and manga series often include a reference or a hint of another anime or manga series as a way to pay homage. One Punch man has done a similar thing. They have paid a subtle homage to one of the biggest anime and manga series Dragon Ball. The chapter introduces nine orbs that resemble the iconic Dragon Balls from Dragon Ball Z. These orbs were inspired by the 7 Dragon Balls, even down to their purpose of encasing a dragon within them.

Anime: One Punch Man
One Punch Man, Saitama

The Cruel Dragon was sealed with nine orbs, a subtle yet undeniable reference to Dragon Ball’s renowned seven Dragon Balls. The reference explains the power of Dragon Balls as revered artifacts capable of summoning Shenron. This tribute to the iconic Dragon Ball series by One Punch Man was quickly noticed by fans and pointed out.

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The Story of Nine Orbs Introduced in One Punch Man

One Punch Man Chapter 193 features an intriguing merger of universes as the manga cleverly pays homage to the well-known Dragon Ball series. There was once a giant dragon named Cruel Dragon, according to the legend. The Saints, a soldier organization, managed to weaken the dragon and break it into nine orbs, shutting them away. However, there existed a group called Deathbone that attempted to resurrect the dragon. When Saitama hears that this dragon will return in the future, he chooses to end the conflict by calling the dragon. Saitama then performs a speed run to collect the orbs. Saitama summons the Cruel Dragon, interrupts its wicked rant, and defeats it with a single punch after collecting all of the orbs.

The cruel Dragon
The cruel Dragon

These orbs were a reference to the iconic series Dragon Ball and the concept of 7 Dragon Balls required to summon Shenron.

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One Punch Man Pays Homage to Dragon Ball

The first chapter introduces the nine orbs used to seal the Cruel Dragon. This was an unmistakable homage to the famed seven Dragon Balls from Dragon Ball Z. The nine orbs, like the iconic Shenron, are required to resurrect the Cruel Dragon, an embodiment of destruction. The fundamental relevance of the references was found in the Cruel Dragon’s backstory. This transformation into a symbol of destruction alluded to the concept of Dragon Ball’s Gods of Destruction, specifically Be­erus.

The Dragons Balls from Dragon Ball Z
The Dragons Balls from Dragon Ball Z

In a way, the series not only paid homage to the iconic series with the Nine Orbs but also used a dragon to resemble the Gods of Destruction from the Dragon Ball Super verse. This charming homage to the legendary series may appear to be a bridge or filler chapter, but it adds depth to the overall plot.

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