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One-Punch Man Live Action Film Bags Fast and Furious Director Justin Lin

One-Punch Man is a popular manga converted into anime that chronicles Saitama, a superhero who can destroy any rival with a single punch and who searches for a good opponent simply because he’s bored. This beloved anime series is being converted into a live-action film. Now, according to the latest rumors, it will be helmed by Justin Lin of Fast & Furious. According to Deadline, Sony Pictures is eyeing the action filmmaker to helm the adaptation after acquiring the rights from Shueisha, a Japanese publishing business. The details are as follows:

A still from One-Punch Man manga.
A still from One-Punch Man manga.

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Everything to know about Director Justin Lin:

Taiwanese-born American film director, Justin Lin to direct One-Punch Man.
Taiwanese-born American film director, Justin Lin.

The announcement was made after Justin Lin, the director of Fast X, decided to stand down just a few days into production in April, claiming creative issues. Lin was a member of the Fast & Furious movie franchise since the third installment, ‘The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift’, when he served as director. After taking a sabbatical from the series for the 7th and 8th movies, he returned for Fast 9, and then got the opportunity to work on Fast X. According to sources, the former Fast X filmmaker will also act as a producer with Arad Productions’ Avi Arad and Ari Arad, with Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner penning the script.

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More about One Punch Man:

Live Action movie of One-Punch Man coming soon.
Live Action movie of One-Punch Man coming soon.

One-Punch Man was first released as a webcomic in 2009 by Japanese artist ONE, and after becoming viral, it was reprinted on Shueisha’s Tonari no Young Jump Next. The renowned anime show has two seasons within its credit, the most recent of which premiered in 2019 and was dubbed in English on Adult Swim’s Toonami. The manga has a total of 26 volumes and is continuing in production. One-Punch Man has sold over 30 million units globally, and the series has been interpreted into many languages. Sony is optimistic that One-Punch Man will launch a new brand for the company and hopes to begin filming on the adaptation before the end of the year.

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