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“One time a ghost was sitting downstairs”: Brad Pitt Bought $40 Million Haunted House and He Was Surprisingly Excited About It

"One time a ghost was sitting downstairs": Brad Pitt Bought $40 Million Haunted House and He Was Surprisingly Excited About It

Cassandra Peterson, who is widely known for her portrayal of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, is a renowned personality from the 1980s. The Diamonds Are Forever actress recently shared that the Los Angeles mansion, which she sold to Brad Pitt in 1994 was haunted. Peterson shared this detail with the actor, however, instead of being afraid of the ghosts, the actor was thrilled to share a house with them.

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Cassandra Peterson

Recently, Cassandra Peterson appeared for an exclusive interview, where she gave details about the paranormal activities from her former mansion in Los Angeles. While ordinary people avoid encounters with ghosts, because of their belief which causes fear and anxiety, leading to unsettling experiences in their living space. But not for Brad Pitt and his family as he bought the house and moved in along with Angelina Jolie and their children before they parted ways.

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Brad Pitt’s Reaction to Paranormal Activities in The Mansion

Recently, Cassandra Peterson appeared for an exclusive interview with People’s Magazine, the actress shared details about Brad Pitt’s immediate fascination with the mansion, as he got “very excited” to reside in a “haunted” house.

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Cassandra Peterson as Elvira

“We were just kind of warning him that a lot of weird things have been going on there in the house since we moved in. And he was very excited about that. He thought that was really cool.”

The Munsters actress continued explaining that she had several spooky encounters in the 29-room mansion, such as “people walking upstairs,” “a ghost sitting downstairs”, and even a spirit “floating around at the bottom pool.”

“I’ve seen people walking around upstairs, for example, real people just walking. One time [a ghost was] sitting downstairs in front of the fireplace, once walking into my bedroom and back out,” Peterson recalls of the spectral encounters. We saw a person floating around at the bottom of the pool, things like that.”

“I know that sounds nutty. I’m Elvira. I know you expect that from me, right?” Cassandra Peterson says with a laugh and she insists, “I don’t have hallucinations, I wasn’t high and I can’t explain those things.”

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Peterson, and her husband, Mark Pierson started having haunted incidents in the mansion right after they moved in, and it escalated to the point where they had to exorcise the mansion because they were not sure if they could “continue to live here.” However, when she told Brad Pitt about the details of the haunted incidents, he loved the mansion even more.

Brad Pitt's L.A. mansion bought from Cassandra Peterson
Brad Pitt’s L.A. mansion

“[We] had a priest come in to do an exorcism. I had all kinds of things because it was really getting to a point of like, ‘I don’t know if I can continue to live here,’ So we were telling Brad all about that and he loved it. I mean, there are not many buyers who that would be a selling point for, but he was like, ‘Oh, that’s so awesome.’ I love that he appreciated the house so much.”

Even though Brad Pitt loved the ‘haunted’ house which he bought from Cassandra Peterson in 1994 for $1.7 million, it seems the Troy actor has grown bored of the enormous mansion, as he sold the house nearly after 30 years.

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Brad Pitt Sells his L.A. Mansion

Nearly after 30 years Brad Pitt has decided to sell the mansion which he bought from Cassandra Peterson in 1994 for a reported fee of $1.7 million, and the Academy Award Winner actor, has bought numerous lots surrounding the mansion, which comprises a swimming pool, skating rink, and a tennis court.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

And reliable reports told Entertainment Online, that the actor put the mansion in an off-market deal in January, and sold the 1.9-acre property for a reported price of $40 million; because Pitt is looking for “something smaller” in the Los Angeles area. The 1.9-acre mansion is the one where Brad Pitt moved in with Angelina Jolie and raised their six children before the couple decided to split in 2016.

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Source: People Magazine

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