Only 1 Anime Still Holds the Record for the Most Hated Character Ever Made Who Makes Mahito and Blackbeard Look Like Furballs

The Most Hated Character in the Entire Anime World.

Only 1 Anime Still Holds the Record for the Most Hated Character Ever Made Who Makes Mahito and Blackbeard Look Like Furballs


  • When it comes to disliked anime characters, there are usually more than a few that everyone can agree on.
  • Even though multiple characters have reached the list of the most loathed anime characters, few can match Shou Tucker from Fullmetal Alchemist.
  • He's the most loathed character of all time because of his alchemical obsession and ruthless attitude toward even his closest friends and family.
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Each anime character expresses an aspect or emotion uniquely. Everybody has their method of characterizing their personality, regardless of whether it has to do with being liked, despised, adored, or something else entirely. Still, the two most common spectrums are the most liked and the most hated characters. And there is an astonishingly broad range of extensively hated characters in the huge world of anime. 

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

When it comes to loathed anime characters, there are generally more than a handful that everyone agrees on. Even though several characters have made it onto the list of the most disliked anime characters, few can compare to Shou Tucker from Fullmetal Alchemist. This is because he never gave the impression of being a despicable character from the start.

His deeds and character deceit have reduced other disliked characters, such as Blackbeard from One Piece and Mahito from Jujutsu Kaisen, to furballs. His obsession with alchemy and unempathetic nature towards even his close ones makes him the most hated character of all time. And it is unlikely that any other character will even come close to what he did.


Shou Tucker From Fullmetal Alchemist

Shou Tucker was a Biological Alchemy expert who was visited by the Elric Brothers while they were attempting to heal their bodies. Two years before the show began, Tucker had become somewhat famous after creating a chimera that could speak like a human. He also obtained his State Alchemist’s License. 

Edward and Alphonse became close with the Sewing-Life Alchemist, as well as his little daughter Nina and dog Alexander. It was reported that Tucker’s wife had left the family two years prior because they were poor and because of this they used to have a lot of fights. From the outset, Shou gave the impression of being a friendly individual who loved research and science. 

Shou Tucker
Shou Tucker

He felt that his actions were all directed toward furthering science. But he was so consumed by his reputation as a State Alchemist that it drove him nuts. In an attempt to save his position as a State Alchemist, Shou did something so despicable that he gained the title of the most hated character in the history of anime.


Reason Behind Shou Tucker Being The Most Hated Character in the Anime Industry

In addition to being a psychopath, Shou Tucker was also a devil in human form. His threatening demeanor was concealed by his pleasant exterior. Shou was an emotionless man who would stop at nothing to satisfy his cravings. Initially, Shou seemed like a friendly individual who was passionate about science. 

shou tucker fuses his daughter and his dog (anime - Fullmetal Alchemist)
Shou Tucker fuses his daughter and his dog

Beneath this friendly exterior, though, was a cunning and devious mad scientist who was willing to do whatever it took to maintain his position as the State Alchemist. This was demonstrated when Shou magically transformed his daughter and wife into Chimeras to conduct a study on them.

His preoccupation with study and his irrational drive to maintain his title caused him to sacrifice his wife initially to obtain the title, and later on, he sacrificed his family dog, Alexander, and his five-year-old daughter Nina to make a chimera once more, removing his sense of understanding between right and wrong. This is the reason why Shou Tucker is regarded as the most hated character in the anime world and no one even comes close to him.


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