Only MCU Villain to Truly Break the Avengers isn’t Josh Brolin’s Thanos

Daniel Brühl's Baron Zemo has been the wounded criminal mastermind who has nothing to lose, vowed to break the Avengers despite having no superpower in his arsenal.

Only MCU Villain to Truly Break the Avengers isn't Josh Brolin’s Thanos


  • Thanos and Kang have been the most powerful villains ever to appear on big screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • But there is one smart and criminal mastermind in the MCU who can break the Avengers apart.
  • Daniel Brühl's Baron Zemo is ravaged and enraged by the idea of weakening the Avengers as he believes that the Avengers are responsible for the death of his family.
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When it comes to the nemesis of the Avengers, primal MCU villains like Josh Brolin’s Thanos or Jonathan Majors’ Kang come to mind as they have almost broken the elite superhero group in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Josh Brolin as Thanos
Josh Brolin as Thanos. Credit: Marvel Studios

However, what they have done so far is far beyond weakening the defense system of Earth by the superheroes. However, an MCU villain, who is yet to have another extensive screen presence as fans demand, can truly break the core of the Avengers.

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Baron Zemo— Treacherous Adversary of The Avengers

MCU's Baron Zemo
MCU’s Baron Zemo

Thanos went on to the extent of wiping half the population of the entire universe which includes the Avengers but he has failed to live his goal, as the superhero group bounced back. Now, Kang is the supervillain of the Avengers. However, they are not entirely capable of breaking the Avengers as they only take the superhero group as the obstacle to their mission. Baron Zemo, however, is fuelled by revenge and vows to kill the Avengers making it his primal goal.

Zemo lost his family in the Battle of Sokovia. He blames the Avengers for the death of his parents and enraged ever since. Zemo has the cunning power of manipulation in his arsenal and uses it to divide the Avengers prompting them to destroy themself. Being a tactical mastermind with the ability to camouflage himself and speak several languages including Sokovian, German, Russian, and English makes him more lethal.

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Fans Acknowledged Baron Zemo’s Power

Baron Zemo star Daniel Brühl anticipates Kevin Feige's reaction to his new series
Baron Zemo star Daniel Brühl anticipates Kevin Feige’s reaction to his new series.

For fans, the best thing about Zemo is his mind games which are devoid of any exaggerated superpower. But the biggest weapon in his arsenal also makes him worthy of divide and conquer the mighty Avengers. Daniel Brühl played the role of the criminal mastermind Zemo in Captain America: Civil War and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Fans acknowledged the prowess of Zemo’s distinct villainous role on many occasions.

Earlier, Thunderbolts star Wyatt Russell teased Brühl’s potential return in the upcoming MCU slate. “Daniel is not going to be it, [but] he could play a part in it,” Russell told The Playlist. However, there is no official update regarding Brühl’s return to the MCU as Zemo anytime soon.

Jake Schreier’s Harrison Ford-starrer Thunderbolts is slated for release on 25 July 2025.


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