‘Only person who stopped.. was someone asking for directions’: Henry Cavill Disguised Himself With a Superman T-Shirt Under a Giant BVS Billboard in Times Square – No one Recognized Him

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Henry Cavill is probably punching the air right now.


The British actor was let down terribly with his recent excursion to Times Square resulting in nothing but a rather embarrassing fail. It’s a bit difficult to gauge whether he wanted to throw his head back and laugh or just hide his impending tears with laughter while talking about it, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it was the latter given the intensity of his failed venture.

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Cavill in Man of Steel

The actor talked about the same in detail as he revealed the reason behind his apparent social experiment. And it is not a happy or pleasant story by a long shot, to say the least.


Henry Cavill went completely unrecognized when he went to Times Square

Henry Cavill recently decided to perform a rather risky yet interesting experiment by going to the crowded streets of NYC’s Times Square in a Superman t-shirt for the sole purpose of testing just how many people recognized him. But the plot twist is almost too unbearable as not a single person was able to discern him as DC’s famous Clark Kent.

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Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCEU.
Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCEU

The British actor stood right underneath the massive billboards of Batman v Superman in the hopes of at least some if not a lot of people recognizing him from Dawn of Justice. However, it was all in vain because clearly nobody was running over to him for autographs or pictures.


Turns out, the only people who did happen to take notice of Cavill were those who probably didn’t even know him at all. “The only person who stopped us was someone who was asking directions to central station,” he said. “And there was one other person who said, ‘Hey, hey, hey, you can’t take photos in here.’ That was it.”

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Henry Cavill explained his latest experiment to Jimmy Kimmel

Apparently, the Enola Holmes star was just looking to prove a particular point of his, which is why he came up with the idea of trying out such a thing in the first place. Who would’ve known that it would backfire on him so terribly?


While talking to Jimmy Kimmel about it, he explained why exactly he’d put the idea into practice. “There’s been so much doubt about the validity of Superman’s disguise, which is the glasses. I think it was a perfectly reasonable disguise,” Cavill pointed out. “So, I put it to the test.” It looks like the disguise was a little too impeccable though, with nobody being able to recognize him.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill went unnoticed in a Superman t-shirt at Times Square

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Although he put on a calm smile whilst claiming that his experiment just proved the fact he was even more indiscernible with glasses on, little do we know, he was probably holding back tears of humiliation. Or desolation. Or both.


It’s truly unfortunate to see such a talented and otherwise renowned actor go so horribly unnoticed among a street chock-full of people.

But then again, that’s just Times Square for you.

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