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“Only seems right they brought him back”: Lars Mikkelsen’s Return as Grand Admiral Thrawn in $51.8B Star Wars Franchise Gets Unanimous Acclaim

lars mikklesens as admiral thrawn

Lars Mikkelsen is getting ready to make a live-action appearance in the upcoming Ahsoka series. The series is already a highly anticipated project for fans of the Star Wars franchise and every news regarding it keeps getting better and better. The latest posters have also taken the world by storm. So when the news of Mikkelsen hit the internet, it was not a surprise to see the fans jump in happiness.

Lars Mikkelsen - IMDb
Lars Mikkelsen

This possibility was not so much out of the question, as Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka seemed just as impossible before The Mandalorian’s second season changed everything. A lot of things that did not seem possible at first were made so, mostly thanks to Pedro Pascal’s hit series. From Dawson’s character to Ahmed Best’s Kelleran and now Mikkelsen’s Thrawn, there seems to be a lot that is waiting for the fans of the franchise.

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Lars Mikkelsen Returns As Thrawn In Ahsoka

Earlier it was confirmed that Lars Mikkelsen‘s Grand Admiral Thrawn will be making his live-action debut in Ahsoka after his character was highly loved by the fans. The series was one to attract a lot of fans already, however, this announcement has only become a bigger reason for them to look forward to Dawson’s show.

Who is Grand Admiral Thrawn? |
Grand Admiral Thrawn

Mikkelsen will be making his live-action debut as Admiral Thrawn, a villain who very quickly became a fan favorite. The antagonist first made an appearance in the books during the 1990s and made his animated debut in 2016 in Star Wars: Rebels. This came to be despite Disney purchasing Lucasfilm and sidelining the character. David Filoni brought him back to his original glory and gave him his cunning personality. Ahsoka had already been looking for Thrawn in Star Wars: The Clone Wars but, that never came to be. So to see the villain coming in the series has been delightful, to say the least.

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Fans Celebrate Lars Mikkelsen’s Return To Star Wars

The Mandalorian season 2 villain - Who is Grand Admiral Thrawn?
Grand Admiral Thrawn

Fans have been ecstatic after seeing that Lars Mikkelsen will be reprising his role as Thrawn, and not just in animation, but in person. Seeing their beloved character come to life has made them excited to see just what the series has in store for them.

They are claiming that there would be no better casting choice than him and the fact that this became possible is the best outcome. The happiness that they experienced was beyond expressable and they were overjoyed to see their beloved character return.

Ahsoka will be available to watch on Disney+ from August 2023.

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