Original Ghost Rider Is Returning In A Brand New Series

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Marvel Comics’ original Ghost Rider is returning for a whole new series, and the publisher has just released a magnificent new cover for the series. Johnny Blaze makes a blazing comeback in his classic costume in a new variant cover by InHyuk Lee for Ghost Rider #1.


Last Month, Marvel Comics Declared That 2022 Will Be “The Year of the Vengeance,” Implying That The Different Versions Of Ghost Rider In The Marvel Universe Would See A Lot Of Action.

 Ghost Rider

Robbie Reyes, who is currently a part of the core Avengers team, Kushala, who is currently starring in her own Infinity Comic at Marvel Unlimited, and Johnny Blaze, who was last seen during Marvel’s King in Black event, are all active Ghost Riders in the comics right now. More Ghost Riders were teased in the Year of Vengeance promotional graphic, including the Cosmic Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch, and the Ghost Rider of 1,000,000 BCE.


Benjamin Percy and Cory Smith will pair together for a new series starring Johnny Blaze, according to Marvel Comics. Blaze will have a “perfect life” in the series, with a wife and two children who adore him, as well as a job at an auto repair shop in a small town. When Blaze is awake, though, he will experience dreams of creatures and “bloody visions.” Blaze will battle his inner Spirit of Vengeance, which is attempting to break free and seize control of him. InHyuk Lee has created a gorgeous new variant cover for Ghost Rider #1 that showcases Blaze in his classic costume.

As part of Marvel Comics’ 50th-anniversary commemoration of Ghost Rider, the publisher is releasing a slew of new covers for the new series’ inaugural issue.

Skottie Young, Peach Momoko, Taurin Clarke, Adam Kubert, Ryan Stegman, and Jorge Fornes are among the artists who will create their own variant covers for the series.

It’s great to see Ghost Rider get his own book at Marvel Comics once more, especially the original Johnny Blaze incarnation. While the other Ghost Riders now appearing in various comics are as deserving of attention, it’s always strange when the most well-known version of the character doesn’t have his own ongoing series.


For those interested, the new InHyuk Lee variant cover will be available in comic book stores in February.


Written by Prachee Mishra

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