Original ‘Iron Man’ Writer Shares Thoughts on Tony Starks MCU Arc

Iron Man Arc

The Marvel Cinematic Universe began with Robert Downey Jr, a handful of writers, Kevin Feige and Jon Favreau. None of them were expecting such a monumentally gigantic franchise to spawn from their smaller project and so, eleven years later, IGN decided to ask what one of the original writers worked on Iron Man (2008) thought of Tony Stark’s fate. 

HOLLYWOOD – APRIL 30: Writers Matt Holloway (L) and Art Marcum arrive at the premiere of Paramount’s “Iron Man” held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on April 30, 2008 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Art Marcum never planned just how Tony Stark would die or where his character would be in over a decade’s time as he worked in the moment rather than looking so far ahead. His focus was entirely on Iron Man (2008) and the development of Stark’s character within that movie itself. IGN asked him about the process of working on the MCU’s first movie to which he replied:

 “When we were all coming up with the first movie with Jon Favreau and Kevin Feige, we were just hoping, ‘God, I hope this movie works.’ We weren’t thinking about ten years and however many dozen of sequels there’s been. Really, you look back at that and you’re happy that everybody has seen so many movies and have fallen in love with all these different characters that sprang from the MCU.” 

It’s incredible that, even without a ten-year-plan from the start, the writers managed to set Tony Stark up as a character that could naturally develop into the martyr capable of lying down his life to save countless others. He may have begun as a selfish and arrogant businessman, but he became so much more… a testament to all the talent involved at Marvel Studios.

Are you happy with how Tony Stark’s arc ended in the MCU? Feel free to discuss the MCU’s first hero’s fate in the comment section below.