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Oscar Isaac Didn’t Want Marvel Stardom, Called $6M Moon Knight Role a “Mental Torment”

Oscar Isaac Didn't Want Marvel Stardom, Called $6M Moon Knight Role a "Mental Torment"

Although it might seem illogical for an actor to turn down a role from a renowned studio like Marvel Entertainment, Oscar Isaac once entertained the idea. The actor considered rejecting the opportunity to play the lead character in the Disney+ series Moon Knight.

Oscar ISaac Moon Knight
Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight suit

In a roundtable discussion with The Hollywood Reporter, Oscar Isaac delved into his professional journey and the challenging choices in shaping his career. Alongside him were Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton, Tom Hiddleston, Brain Cox, and Quinchy Isaiah.

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Why Did Oscar Isaac Want To Refuse Moon Knight?

During the discussion, Isaac opened up about how acting was a compulsive need for him during the initial days of his career. He described it as a “fix” he couldn’t do without.

“The biggest window in my life as an actor has been wanting to get opportunities – wanting someone to say yes,” Isaac said. “It’s been a very small window of being able to say no. It takes building those synapses to chemically be able to say no in my brain and not feel like I’m destroying my life in some way.”

Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight
Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight

Isaac reflected on his decision to accept the role of Moon Knight and admitted that it was one of the projects he had contemplated rejecting. During the discussion, Michael Keaton shared his experience working on the 1989 film Batman. He and Jack Nicholson acknowledged that it would be difficult for everyone involved to bounce back if the superhero flick flopped. Isaac added that he had similar concerns about the role.

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Oscar Isaac Wasn’t Ready To Be Embarrassed

Despite having impressive films under his belt, such as Inside Llewyn Davis, A Most Violent Year, and Ex Machina, Oscar Isaac still harbored concerns that a significant step in his career could prove detrimental.

“Is this the stupidest thing?” Oscar Isaac said. “Is this a smart thing? Should I do it? What does this mean? It was such a mental torment just to make a decision.”

Oscar Isaac Moon Knight
Oscar Isaac Moon Knight

Going by the critical acclaim that Moon Knight received, it seems Isaac made a wise decision in taking a chance on himself and his ability to excel in the challenging yet rewarding superhero genre.

“Man, if this [doesn’t work], I’m gonna go down hard with this thing – the level of embarrassment,” he said. “Once you throw on a cape… it’s like, ‘Holy shit. I’m really doing it and committing totally to doing it.'”

Oscar Isaac charges $1 million for each TV episode, bringing his total salary for Moon Knight to $6 million. The actor reportedly makes over $8 million per movie. He has also been nominated for the Golden Globes Awards for his performance in Inside Llewyn Davis.

Moon Knight is exclusively available for streaming on Disney+.

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