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Oscar Isaac Reveals Why He Tried To Sneak a F-Bomb in Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac Reveals Why He Tried To Sneak a F Bomb in Moon Knight

“Moon Knight” plays an important role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Oscar Isaac starring series marks various explorations into depictions of mental illness. Not only that, it continues to show Egyptian culture and mythology with a healthy respect, and with that, it took the extra mile to set itself apart visually from the rest of the franchise. And with that, we can add yet another milestone to the superhero show as it was almost the one where Isaac was able to get Marvel to break their own rules about F-bombs.

Moon Knight
Moon Knight from Marvel

What Moon Knight Is?

Moon Knight, which is currently releasing weekly on Disney+. Marc is a mercenary-turned-supernatural-hero, who struggles to balance his super-powered destiny with his Disassociate Identity Disorder (DID). Appearing as both alter in his DID system, the mild-mannered British museum worker Steven Grant and the darker Spector, Isaac manages to play both the meek everyman and the strong-willed action hero.

Moon Knight has highly been welcomed and appreciated by Marvel fans for its darker and more character-driven approach to the popular comic series. Despite the more violent and cerebral tones of recent projects, the MCU has still yet to make certain adult-oriented milestones, the most notable of which is the use of explicit language.

How Oscar Isaac Tried to Sneak An F-Bomb Into Moon Knight

Moon Knight
Moon Knight’s Suit

As we all know that MCU movies are rated PG-13, to this point, that comes with the MPAA-driven stipulation which only allows a single utterance of the word “f***”  in dialogue without requiring an R-rating. Of course, no installment of the MCU has ever actually taken advantage of, but if Oscar Isaac had gotten his way, “Moon Knight” would’ve been the first production in the entire franchise to transcend its predecessors and enshrine itself in vulgar Valhalla.

In a recent interview, Isaac revealed that he did almost manage to sneak an F-bomb into Moon Knight, but was ultimately unsuccessful. While discussing a confrontational scene between Marc and Steven, Isaac revealed that he and his brother (who doubles for the character) based the scene on an internet meme. Isaac explained that the self-punch involving the polite Steven was based on a video of a young English boy, who is punched in the face while rapping. Isaac acknowledges the recognizable meme but admits that while he “did a lot of takes” using the line, ultimately, the final cut of the Moon Knight scene didn’t actually include him swearing.

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Written by Priya Sharma

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