“Overconfident, blusterous, and very, very skilled”: Not Kakashi, Masashi Kishimoto Wants Naruto Spinoff for Another Character

Not Kakashi, Masashi Kishimoto Wants Naruto Spinoff for Another Character
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Masashi Kishimoto is quite a huge name among the anime fans. He is the creator of the massively popular series Naruto. It’s one of the big three anime and simply one of the best stories ever made, not in Japan but worldwide.

Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki – Chunin Exams

At a Comic-con in New York, Kishimoto was the special guest. It was quite an intimate event, and less than 100 people attended it. Christopher Butch, the Director of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF), was the moderator for this event. In the interview, Masashi Kishimoto was asked several questions regarding his popular manga series, Naruto.

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Why does Jiraiya deserve a single Naruto Spin-off series?

Jiraiya and Naruto
Jiraiya and Naruto

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The Mangaka of Naruto was asked for a different perspective of the series, to which he replied with a suggestion about a spin-off series on Jiraiya. “[Jiraiya] is not so much arrogant, but overconfident, blusterous, and very, very skilled,” Kishimoto told Anime News Network and went on further, “But there was a time when he was still young when he didn’t really know much, and he was kind of dumb too. So it’d be interesting to show that contrast.”

Jiraiya is the mentor of the protagonist of the show, Naruto Uzumaki, in the shōnen series. Being old and experienced, Jiraiya holds a lot of knowledge, and a show tracing his journey would be fascinating.


“Jiraiya grew up in a time when the Jutsu that we know now in the current Naruto worldview had not been refined, or even developed in some cases,” he explains to Anime News Network and adds furthermore, “So I think it would be fun to show that gap.”

These are nothing but mere ideas in Kishimoto’s head, but the entire idea regarding a spin-off series on Jiraiya would undoubtedly be intriguing. Since Boruto, the sequel to Naruto, is still ongoing, there are minimal chances of seeing anything new.

Is a Naruto Spin-off series revolving around Jiraiya a good idea?

Jiraiya from Naruto
Jiraiya from Naruto

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Jiraiya is quite a comedic and charismatic character. Albeit his appearance, he is surprisingly cunning. However, several fans believe that Naruto didn’t show enough of Jiraiya except for the time he was training the protagonist. 


A spin-off series around this character would be much appreciated by the fans. Considering the character, it’s natural for the series to be imbued with comedy. There would be several intense fight scenes. Being one of the Three Legendary Sannins, he would definitely use his powers and skills to find the Child of Destiny. There would be good chances to see the romance between Jiraiya and the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade.

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