“I assume the experience was similar to Overwatch”: Marvel Rivals Features a Regular Problem Most 5v5 Shooters Do, but Can NetEase Solve It?

This title should anticipate this future problem.

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  • Marvel Rivals should be considering how to solve a problem that Overwatch 2 continues to have with role distribution.
  • NetEase should be paying attention to how it will solve this problem.
  • Some players are confident that all roles will have intriguing characters to choose from.
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To the surprise of many players, Marvel Rivals promises to be a worthy competitor to Overwatch 2, a title that was once highly successful for Blizzard. This new game will incorporate many heroes from the comics. 


NetEase is the studio behind this anticipated title, and based on various trailers and gameplay videos, it appears to have dynamics similar to Blizzard’s game, albeit with some changes to specific mechanics. Meanwhile, the player community is already eager to learn how the studio will address the issue of roles in each match, a constant concern in the game from the Diablo creators.

Overwatch 2’s Issue Could Potentially Be Transferred to Marvel Rivals

Magik and Black Panther in battle.
Marvel Rivals is making players think about the character roles. Image via NetEase

What was once one of the most popular multiplayer games has gradually lost its appeal, leading many players to abandon it. However, Overwatch 2 managed to pave the way for a new subgenre that many studios are now imitating.


Among them is NetEase with Marvel Rivals, which will take the superhero universe in a completely different direction.

Some players are curious about how this game will handle role selection before entering a match. This is something Blizzard’s game had to modify several times to find the easiest way for all users to decide the role they wanted.

How will this game deal with everyone wanting to play DPS?
byu/Dry_Business_2053 inmarvelrivals

One of the biggest problems is that everyone selects characters based on the most common role, which is DPS. This new game has the potential to change things from the start.


NetEase Must Be Careful With Character Balance

Iron Man and Hulk making a combine attack.
The game will be released on PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. Image via NetEase

On Reddit, there are numerous discussions about this potential issue that Marvel Rivals could face. Thus far, the game has not provided much insight into the gameplay mechanics related to character and role selection.

From the glimpses in some videos, it’s evident that the game will feature a multitude of characters, each with distinct roles within the match. Some users believe that the studio will do a decent job balancing each type of character, making them attractive to all kinds of players.

This type of dynamic will ensure that players distribute roles more evenly, rather than always sticking to the same characters. In contrast to what happened with Overwatch.


In this particular game, everyone would always choose famous DPS characters like Genji or others of that sort. The developer has a significant advantage by involving characters known worldwide which will make it easier for players to select various characters based on favoritism.

The studio has not yet confirmed the release date for this specific game. It is known that the game will arrive for PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC.

The game promises a unique look with a very particular style for all the characters in this universe. The various gameplay videos revealed so far promise varied combat with special abilities that can synergize between compatible characters.


What are your thoughts on how the studio should handle this issue? Let us know in the comments!


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