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Overwatch 2’s Diablo 4 Bundle Under Fire for $40 Price Point

Overwatch 2's Diablo 4 Bundle: Gamers Upset Over $40 Price Point

Overwatch 2’s Diablo 4 Bundle Under Fire for $40 Price Point


  • Diablo 4 has yet another controversial moment with new bundle available.
  • Exclusive skins available, but the price point is drawing serious amounts of criticism.
  • Overwatch 2 has many issues itself, without adding any additional controversies.

Blizzard Entertainment, the company, behind Overwatch 2 has been caught up in a controversy surrounding the cost of their Diablo 4 bundle. The bundle includes two skins, a weapon charm and a nameplate all for a price of $40 USD. This pricing decision has sparked criticism and backlash, from players who believe it’s too expensive, especially since there doesn’t seem to be any gameplay content included in the bundle.

The Diablo 4 bundle, launched as part of Season 7, Rise of Darkness, features two highly anticipated skins: Lilith for Moira and Inarius for Pharah. These skins are designed around central characters from Blizzard’s action role-playing game, Diablo 4. Lilith, a demonic figure and antagonist of Diablo 4, serves as the mother of Sanctuary, while Inarius, a fallen angel, ostensibly defends humanity. 

Overwatch 2 Controversy: Players Express Dissatisfaction with Diablo 4 Bundle’s $40 Pricing

Blizzard's Diablo 4 bundle for Overwatch 2 sparks controversy over $40 price tag
Blizzard’s Diablo 4 bundle for Overwatch 2 sparks controversy over $40 price tag

These skins were strategically used to promote Season 7, yet the frustration arises from the fact that acquiring them is limited to the expensive Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle for Season 7.

The bundle, priced at $39.99, not only includes the two Diablo 4-themed skins but also encompasses various other in-game items. 

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These include 20 Battle Pass tier skips, the Premium Battle Pass for Season 7, 2,000 Overwatch Coins, a Pumpkin skin, Highlight Intros labeled as Be Beautiful, and sprays named Inarius Side and Lilith’s Side. While this bundle offers a variety of in-game items, it is the exclusivity of the Diablo 4 skins behind this paywall that has garnered significant player frustration.

The player frustration regarding these exclusive skins reached a tipping point over on the Overwatch’s subreddit. A lot of players let out their disappointment and frustration. Some even went as far as accusing Blizzard of being too money-focused for keeping these highly-desired skins behind a paywall instead of making them available through the premium Battle Pass. And to top it off, the $40 price tag just added more fuel to the fire of discontent.

Players are also pointing out that Blizzard hiked up the cost of the Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle compared to past seasons. Players said that the old $30 price was more acceptable because it came with extra stuff like the Invasion Bundle in Season 6. Now, with the current season having no such bonuses, the $40 price tag feels like an unnecessary hit to players’ wallets.


While this controversy may seem confined to the pricing of a bundle in Overwatch 2, it is emblematic of broader issues that have plagued the game. Overwatch 2 holds the dubious distinction of being the worst user-reviewed game ever on Steam. 

Many gamers are expressing their dissatisfaction, with the decision to transition Overwatch 2 from a paid game to a free-to-play model in well as the abandonment of the PvE Hero mode. These concerns have resulted in a decline, in player involvement and financial backing and even Blizzard’s own reports acknowledge this fact.

Interestingly the issue surrounding the skins and pricing, in Diablo 4 is not limited to Overwatch 2 in the Blizzard ecosystem. When Blizzard released Diablo 4 players were surprised by the microtransactions, in the game. Likewise, World of Warcraft players have expressed their concerns regarding how Blizzard monetizes its multiplayer online role-playing game.

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Players are unhappy with the high prices and lack of value for in-game items in both games.

Blizzard’s basically saying, “Hey, we stand by the price of the Diablo 4 bundle.” They’re all about those skins and think they’re top-notch, making the whole deal worth it. If you’re into both Overwatch and Diablo, they’re thinking you’ll see the value. They’ve also explained that the bundle’s limited availability in certain areas is due to stuff like currency exchange rates and other factors.

The pricing and availability of the Diablo 4 bundle, in regions are still uncertain. The opinions of players are highly influential, in shaping Blizzard’s strategy. The company has shown a readiness to adjust the bundle based on player feedback if deemed necessary.

The controversy surrounding the pricing of the Diablo 4 bundle, for Overwatch 2 reflects concerns within the gaming community and Blizzard’s game development. Many people have criticized the $40 price tag perceiving it as not offering value. This issue is part of a conversation, about how Blizzard monetizes their games.

The resolution of this dispute will rely on Blizzard’s response, to player feedback and its ability to adapt to evolving player expectations.

What’s your view on this increased pricing? Let us know below!


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