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Owen Wilson SNL Skit: Cars 4 Becomes R-Rated

Owen Wilson SNL Skit Cars 4 Becomes R Rated

SNL’s Season 47 started with a strong episode on October 2 with Owen Wilson as guest host. He was also a part of Cars sketch as an R-rated version of Lightning McQueen. The musical guest was Kacey Musgraves. Watch Wilson’s monologue of the premiere episode below.

SNL Cars 4 sketch synopsis

In the recent Cars 4 sketch from the episode, Wilson thinks that he will be recording for a family-friendly Disney sequel. Mikey Day and Punkie Johnson greet him in the recording studio. During the initial conversation, they say that they aren’t much aware of the script as they were just sent small segments.

The initial script looks seemingly standard with the overuse of “Kachow!” However, suddenly Lightning McQueen becomes “the bad guy” as Wilson puts it, “creeping on girl cars and then arguing with their dads and husbands.”

When Wilson observes that McQueen’s character is quite off-script, he points it out quite strongly. However, the team sends James Austin Johnson as Larry the Cable guy. But, McQueen’s character starts to get worse. He is now saying more inappropriate things to his fellow characters.

As Wilson is about to walk away from the scene, he reads the hefty salary on his contract. He agrees to compromise with his morals and says, “this thing isn’t gonna record itself!” If fans remember correctly, Wilson has voiced Lightning McQueen in the first 3 Cars movies. This makes the delivery of not-so-child-friendly dialogs even more hilarious. Watch the video below.

Future SNL Season 47 Guests

Owen Wilson SNL Skit: Cars 4 Become R-Rated











SNL Season 47 has a lot of viewer expectations to fill. After all, Season 46 had the highest ratings that SNL had in the four years. This certainly makes sense as season 46 was during the election year. And SNL has always made waves with its pokes and satire on both sides of the political spectrum.

The 2nd episode will feature Kim Kardashian West and Halsey on deck for guest host and musical guest. And they will be followed by Rami Malek and Young Thug, and Ted Lasso’s Jason Sudeikis, and Brandi Carlile. Just like 2020, this year also has plenty of material for the show.

Source: ScreenRant

Written by Aditi Thosar