“If Palworld still upsets you this much…”: Palworld’s Community Manager Has Had Enough of the Xbox Exclusive Being Used as a Weapon

Why can't we all be Pals?



  • The Palworld community manager has had enough of the console wars.
  • Both sides, PlayStation and Xbox, are still on fire right now.
  • It's only gotten worse since Xbox closed four studios.
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After the initial wave of accusations against Palworld simmered down, it’s mostly been smooth sailing for the studio behind it, Pocketpair. Fans loved the game, the community praised it for doing what Nintendo and Game Freak shied away from doing, and it’s been getting a consistent barrel of updates.


However, the recent issues surrounding Xbox and Playstation have sparked another debate on the never-ending console wars, the name of Pocketpair’s game keeps getting brought up, and the community manager won’t have it.

Palworld’s Community Manager is Sick of the Console Wars

Palworld's community manager has a PSA to share
Palworld‘s community manager has a PSA to share

X/Twitter has been on massive fire since the news of Xbox closing down multiple studios in one swoop came out. Criticism about Phil Spencer and his team, condolences to the affected studios, anger toward Microsoft; you name it, and it’s being talked about.


One of the biggest results, however, is the resurgence of the endless console wars.

With both Xbox and PlayStation making decisions deemed questionable by their respective audiences in recent times, fans are throwing everything they can at one another to gain the upper hand.


Among these debates, Palworld, a PC and Xbox exclusive, constantly gets brought up, and its community manager is tired.

Calling out those who are trying to weaponize the game in the name of a console war and those part of the accusations that were initially levied against Pocketpair after the game’s release in January, staff member Bucky is tired of it all.


Telling people to move on instead of giving in to unfounded hate, Bucky reiterates that Pocketpair is just trying to make fun games that people enjoy and asks people to stop dragging Palworld into every piece of discourse for the sake of X/Twitter clout.

People Are Tired of the Discourse

Pocketpair keeps finding itself in controversies
Pocketpair keeps finding itself in controversies

Watching paint dry on a wall is starting to look better than listening to people argue about the better console. As this X/Twitter user puts it, “It’s just a plastic box that plays games.


One user brings up that both the Series X and PS5 have similar hardware, so there’s no point arguing about the better one between them.

Even the Switch, which might be outdated hardware-wise, has quite an interesting line-up of games that take advantage of its unique form factor.


The other controversy that Bucky alluded to took place when Palworld was released. Initially, there was a barrage of accusations thrown at the game, regarding it ripping official Pokemon assets or looking very uninspired and same-y with Nintendo’s franchise.

One X/Twitter user took the time to go through 111 Pals that are seen in Pocketpair’s game and compare them to existing Pokemon. They clarify that they don’t think everything was plagiarized but made this list to give people more insight on the similarities.

The issues seem to have died down as the game continued to gain popularity.


What do you think about Bucky’s tweet? Was it fair, or uncalled for? Let us know in the comments below!


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