Palworld Glitch Is a Mixture of Genius and Game-Changing

The torture never ends for the Pals.

Palworld Glitch Is a Mixture of Genius and Game-Changing


  • Palworld has been controversial due to its treatment of in-game creatures.
  • A new glitch lets players farm unlimited resources by continuously killing their Pals.
  • The disturbing trick is to mount the Pal just before taking all life out of it.
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The latest reported Palworld glitch is enough to showcase just how messed up some of the core themes are in Pocketpair’s surprise hit. Ever since its early access release, the game has found itself at the center of numerous controversies for one reason or another, resulting in even PETA stepping in to try and stop the madness.


However, despite all those hiccups, the monster-taming survival title has broken multiple records, but that does not change the fact that there are some deeply disturbing activities in it that could ironically benefit the human players.

This Palworld glitch will make players even meaner to their in-game Pals because it is an unconventionally genius way to acquire limitless loot.


The Latest Palworld Glitch Is a Never-Ending Nightmare for the Pals

A new Palworld glitch lets players get infinite loot by butchering their Pals over and over again.
A new Palworld glitch lets players get infinite loot by butchering their Pals over and over again.

A player took to the game’s subreddit and shared a new Palworld glitch that can be quite helpful in getting as much loot as one wants without losing their Pals’ lives. Accompanied by a video showcasing a visual tutorial, the Reddit user claimed that if players get back on top of their Pals while literally butchering them to their graphic deaths, they will acquire the resulting loot, and, surprisingly, the Pal will come back to life.

Usually, an easy way to get resources in Pocketpair’s title is to kill a Pal and take their remains for one’s own survival, but once they are gone, there is no coming back.

But thanks to this latest Palworld glitch, mounting a “Pal 2-3 seconds after” the second deadly strike should ensure that along with loot, players get to keep their Pals as well. It is important to make sure that the mounting is done “just before it dies,” which makes the Pal’s supposed dead body get absorbed into the ground, and it comes back to life to face its dreadful fate once again. Humanity can’t go much lower than this for its own gain, right?


Aside From Looting Chests and Butchering Pals, There Does Not Seem to Be a Way to Get Resources

Legendary schematics are hard to acquire as one has to kill the in-game creatures to get them.
Legendary schematics are hard to acquire, as one has to kill the in-game creatures to get them.

The aforementioned Palworld glitch comes especially in handy because to get the absolute best weapons and armor in the game, one requires different forms of loot and schematics. This applies to legendary schematics as well, which may be occasionally found in various chests scattered across Pocketpair’s world, but players usually have to kill Alpha Pal bosses to get them.

But if the glitch allows a player to defeat and capture an Alpha Pal boss, they can just keep butchering and mounting them to farm as many of those rare schematics as possible.

The Pals just have to make peace with the endless torturous butchering that awaits them as their greedy masters keep using them for resources.


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