Palworld’s 2024 Content Road Map Shows the ‘Pokemon with Guns’ Game is here to Stay (and to Innovate)

Pocketpair reveals "The Future of Palworld."

Palworld's 2024 Content Road Map Shows the 'Pokemon with Guns' Game is here to Stay (and to Innovate)


  • Palworld developer Pocketpair reveals content roadmap with new in-game features and content.
  • The future updates will bring PvP, Raid Bosses, Steam and Xbox crossplay, and more.
  • The developer has not revealed the release date for any upcoming update.
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Palworld, the Pokémon-like open-world game from Pocketpair released a week ago and took the gaming world by storm. The game broke record after record as it sold over a million copies in just under 8 hours on Steam and Xbox and also became the most-played game in the world. The game has sold over 8 million copies as of 25th January.


The game has impressed the players but it has also been embroidered in controversy as the in-game creatures called Pals closely resemble Pokémon and more. While it is surely something the developer would like to tackle, it has now revealed the Early Access 2024 content roadmap showing that it is more than just a game that accidentally blew up and what it plans to bring for players.

Palworld Shares 2024 Content Roadmap With New Content and Features

Palworld developer shares 2024 content roadmap with new content and features.
Palworld developer shares the 2024 content roadmap with new content and features.

Developer Pocketpair shared the roadmap for Palworld saying that the sales have exceeded its expectations and it is also facing issues due to “excessive access congestion” and many other issues. Pocketpair also stated that it will improve these issues first and then will bring the new in-game features with new content and other improvements.


The company has said that it will address the “Critical Issues” in Palworld such as bugs that have been identified by players and the developer will fix them on priority. The world date rollback will be fixed along with the login screen issues that players have been facing when they try logging into the game world.

There are also “key configuration” and “base Pal AI and pathing” improvements coming to the game as soon as possible. Palworld will also get new features with planned updates such as PvP, including PvP for Pals called Pal Arena, Raid Bosses (End-Game Content), Steam-Xbox Crossplay that might help drive up the player numbers on Xbox as it boomed on Steam, and improvements to the crafting and building system.

Moreover, server transfers and migrations will be added to the game with new islands for players to explore, Pals to collect, Bosses, and new technologies. The game is currently in Early Access and while it has been loved by the players so far, it’s far from finished and the developer is looking to bring things up to speed as soon as possible for players to have an amazing experience.

The game has been a tremendous success with over 8 million sales in under a week.
The game has been a tremendous success with over 8 million sales in under a week.

The content roadmap delighted players as they wanted to know what the developer has planned for them in Palworld and are excited to see when the new features drop. Players also praised the developer for creating the amazing game and come with a roadmap so soon after release to ensure players that the game is not just a cash grab. However, some players still complained about not having a release date for the content and also were disappointed with no mention of specific bugs.

While Palworld is one of the biggest game launches ever, it has been surrounded by controversy as The Pokémon Company has said that it will investigate the game. The developer also revealed that its employees have received death threats claiming that Palworld is a Pokémon rip-off and even Peta has joined in to ask the developer for an in-game “vegan guide” for players who do not want to consume Pals in the game.

What are your thoughts about the 2024 content roadmap of Palworld? Are there any new features you want added to the game? Let us know in the comment section.


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