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Paramount Unsure of Top Gun: Maverick Online Release After Tom Cruise’s Public Disdain for Streaming Platforms

Paramount President and CEO of Streaming, Tom Ryan claimed that the company does not know about Top Gun: Maverick’s availability on streaming platforms. Due to the pandemic, studios and theatres have generally held to a short release window after which many studios will continue releasing blockbuster movies for streaming, including Paramount’s Top Gun: Maverick. However, Paramount President has no idea when Maverick will be available on Paramount+.

Tom Cruise talked about streaming platforms
Tom Cruise talked about streaming platforms

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Previously, During a Q&A at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, The famous star Tom Cruise made his attitude on sending his movies to streaming services quite clear. When they asked specifically about whether they wanted to stream Top Gun: Maverick after crucial delay releases, he said, “They wouldn’t dare.”

Why is Tom Cruise “Never” Going to Let Top Gun: Maverick Go to Streaming?

Top Gun: Maverick star Tom Cruise
Top Gun: Maverick star Tom Cruise

According to “Variety”, the actor claimed to spend “a lot of time with theatre owners,” even contacting them during the pandemic to say, “Please, I know what you’re going through. Just know we are making Mission: Impossible and Top Gun is coming out.” He added:

“That’s not going to happen, ever. That was never going to happen. Never. Not going to happen.”

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According to IGN, the actor said:

“There’s a very specific way to make a film for cinema and I make movies for the big screen. I know where to go after that. And that’s fine. But I always thought of a film not just for opening weekend but for the distance. You hope to make a movie that’s going to entertain and engage an audience not just on opening weekend but down the line, and I love this experience. I want this experience not just for myself, but I know there are so many people who want this experience. I want other filmmakers to have that experience and have that as an outlet.”

Top Gun: Maverick movie scene
Top Gun: Maverick movie scene

Top Gun: Maverick has performed notably well, beating many records, and it was also reported that the Paramount film earned $44 million at the domestic box office over its fourth weekend in theatres. In an interview with “Variety,” the Paramount president explained:

“I think a year or so ago, there was a lot of discussion about what the right model was for movies to streaming, and we were one of the first, if not the first, to come out with the 45-day post theatrical, which gives a lot of value to the marketing of content and allows you to give it a great theatrical exclusive window, but then bring it quickly to streaming.”

“We haven’t decided on that [the theatrical window for ‘Top Gun: Maverick’] yet.”

The actor’s perspective shows that if theatres only have one fan, and that fan is Tom Cruise! Top Gun: Maverick is playing in theaters now.

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Written by Shreeparna Das