Patrick Stewart Absolutely Despised His Doctor Strange 2 Role for a Heartbreaking Reason: “It was frustrating and disappointing”

Patrick Stewart talks about his disappointing experience on Doctor Strange 2

Patrick Stewart Absolutely Despised His Doctor Strange 2 Role for a Heartbreaking Reason: “It was frustrating and disappointing”


  • Patrick Stewart reprised the role of Professor Charles Xavier in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.
  • Stewart revealed on a podcast that he disliked the experience as he was forced to shoot his scenes alone.
  • The actor also teased a potential Professor X appearance in Deadpool 3 during the podcast.
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Patrick Stewart made a surprise return to the role of Professor Charles Xavier in 2022’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The film sees the titular Master of the Mystic Arts face off against Scarlet Witch across different dimensions. Stewart played a variant of his iconic X-Men character in a cameo appearance alongside some other Marvel heavy hitters.

Professor X makes a cameo in Doctor Strange 2
Patrick Stewart’s Professor X in Doctor Strange 2

In a recent podcast appearance, Stewart admitted to his experience filming the cameo appearance being meddling. However, Stewart’s disappointment had nothing to do with the movie’s overall quality or his character’s less-than-stellar role in the story. Here is why Patrick Stewart was disappointed with Doctor Strange 2 cameo.

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Patrick Stewart Had a Disappointing Experience Filming Doctor Strange 2 Role

Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier/Professor X
Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier/Professor X

Patrick Stewart has been playing the role of Professor Charles Xavier for the better part of the 21st century. The legendary actor most recently reprised the role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. During an appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Stewart was questioned about his return to the iconic role and the overall experience.

“It was alone. I think the big scene, each one of the leading actors had the same experience. They were shot on their own. It was frustrating and disappointing but that’s how it has been. The last few years have been challenging.”

Stewart made the above statement about the scene featuring himself as Professor X, Hayley Atwell as Captain Carter, Lashana Lynch as Maria Rambeau / Captain Marvel, Anson Mount as Blackagar Boltagon / Black Bolt, and John Krasinski as Reed Richards.

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The veteran actor expressed his disappointment with the filming experience of Doctor Strange 2 particularly because his scenes were filmed in isolation. The film’s production was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in most of the aforementioned actors filming their parts alone.

Patrick Stewart Teases Professor X’s Return For Deadpool 3

Patrick Stewart thought Logan would be the last time playing Professor X
Patrick Stewart in Logan

Patrick Stewart’s run as Professor X originally came to an end with 2017’s Logan, which marked his and Hugh Jackman’s final appearance as their beloved X-Men characters. However, after Stewart reprised his role in Doctor Strange 2, Jackman also returned to play Wolverine in the upcoming Deadpool 3.

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During the podcast, Stewart was asked whether there was a chance of him reprising the role of Professor X for Deadpool 3. Furthermore, the film has been rumored to bring back several actors from the X-Men movies, but Stewart’s name hasn’t cropped up. Addressing the possibility, Stewart stated that the topic was brought up but refused to confirm or deny whether he would appear in Deadpool 3. Hence, only time will tell if there is more time as Professor X on the cards for Stewart.

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