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Patton Oswalt Wants To Play MODOK in The MCU

MODOK is on a whole new level. The character’s popularity is rising day by day. The MODOK star, Patton Oswalt talks about bringing MODOK into live-action.

The rise of MODOK

Patton Oswalt, star of the upcoming Hulu Marvel animated show MODOK, said he wants to include the character in the live performances of the MCU. Oswalt, who is no stranger to the MCU, portrayed four Koenig brothers in several episodes of Agents of SHIELD. Likewise, MODOK has a long history with Marvel Comics. Actually, its origin dates back to the 60s, which appeared in series, TV shows, and even video games.

MODOK in Marvel’s Avengers 2020 video game

Geared up to release on May 21st, the show focuses on high MODOK striving to work with work-life balance humorously. It’s also one of Marvel’s rare adult content forums. MODOK has a brilliant cast lineup: Nathan Fillion, Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Hader and John Hamm as Iron Man. The show is created by Jordan Blum and Oswalt and produced by Marvel Studios. There are many exciting elements in the MODOK trailer that left MCU fans thrilled.

Oswalt’s take on MODOK

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Patton Oswalt in a stunning Tuxedo with pocket square

In an interview, Oswalt spoke with excitement and enthusiasm about bringing MODOK to Marvel’s live-action world. Oswalt’s passion for the character was revealed when he talked about how digital effects and real shots can combine to make a great show. This show has an extraordinary vision for the character. 

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“Are you kidding? That’d be freaking awesome if we played MODOK live action. Oh my God. I would love it. Plus, it’s an acting job where I get to sit down the whole time. Are you kidding? I’d love that.”

However, Marvel’s intentions for the character are unclear after the show. Oswalt itself is a lifelong comic book fanboy, and Marvel can consider on making this project. It is because we hold in our hands a growing universe that shows no signs of stopping. 

MODOK can be the real game-changer

MODOK’s success has the potential to pull the character into live-action projects, but in reality, it can be more weighted on what’s happening in other mature Marvel projects like Deadpool 3, which has been around for a long time.

MODOK in comics

The MCU has had great success in the PG-13 realm, but with mature cartoon content that has established itself in the market through the first two Deadpool and Logan movies, something like MODOK will fuel the vibrant Marvel project of the future. No matter how Marvel decides the future of MODOK in the MCU, it is assured that Oswalt is happy to help.

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