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The Batman Stars, Paul Dano and John Turturro To Appear in Donald Glover’s Mr. and Mrs. Smith TV Adaptation.

There is something new to be found in ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith,’ the TV adaptation of Dough Liman’s spy caper thriller, and Donald Clove is co-starring and co-creating it. The Batman Stars, Paul Dano, John Turturro, and Michael Coel are all joining in as guest stars in the show.

When the movie was released in 2005, written by Simon Kinberg, it starred Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, with the role of John and Jane Smith, respectively.

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Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Storyline details of Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Maya Erskine
Maya Erskine

When the movie was originally released, it had shown that both of the characters, Mr. and Mrs. Smith were a little surprised to learn about the fact that they were both assassins and that they’ve just been hired by competing agencies to take each other out without actually them knowing and it was not just in a date night sense.

The exact story details of the show which will be out on Amazon Prime Video, are being kept confidential. Although it sounds like the series will show the characters from a younger age and then leading onto their movie counterparts, followed by how they are hired by spy agencies and how they can balance their married life and their work together.

It is said that Maya Erskine, one of the stars, is co-starring Jane Smith, but who will play the rest of the characters is not revealed yet.

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Paul Dano and John Turturro to appear in the series

John Turturro
John Turturro

Since not much is known about John Turturro, we can say that he has built a successful career as an actor or character for years. He has appeared in tons of movies and also has directed some of them. He is mainly known for his big-screen work, but in recent times he has received words of appreciation for his work in the Apple Tv+ series, Severance.

We all know more or less about Paul Dano, he was most recently seen playing the role of Riddler in The Batman movie, against Robert Pattinson’s Cape Crusader. He’ll do ‘The Fabelmans‘, a semi-autobiography playing a character based mostly on the director’s father. He’s also appeared in movies like, There will be Blood, 12 Years a Slave, and Looper.

Coel is a new rising star who has been seen in the limited series, I May Destroy You. She played a double role in a show called Chewing Gum. She has a role in an upcoming movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, on November 11.

Francesca Sloane has been working on the scripts with Donald Glover, but it is not known who will be directing it yet. Given that Mr. and Mrs. Smith is still in pre-production, Amazon still did not assign it a premiere date.

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