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Payday 3 Gives Away a Month’s Salary to One Lucky Heister

Payday 3 publishers PLAION crafted a ‘real-life heist’ that took place in London. To celebrate the launch of Payday 3, the publishers set up a sweet challenge for Londoners who wanted to live the ultimate power trip of executing a somewhat discreet heist. This involved a branded van, masks, and a ton of cash. 

After conducting a poll of 2000 employed adults, it has been understood that most of us will spend a concerning amount of money the moment our paychecks arrive. Especially Londoners. According to the poll, folks in the UK spent £600 on stuff like tech, furniture and fashion within the first three days of every month. Even after mindlessly spending one’s precious income, they’d do it again. And again. Every month.

How Did Londoners Pull off the Payday 3 Heist?

PAYDAY 3 Follow The Money
PAYDAY 3 – ‘Follow. The. Money.’ – Launch / Promo, London, UK – 14/09/ 2023 Photograph: Andrew Fosker / PinPep

37% of poll candidates admitted that if they could rob a bank with the perfect heist plan, they’d go for it in a jiffy. Someone at PLAION thought this was a wonderful idea and went ahead with a witty blueprint for a cross-city challenge in the heart of London. If civilians could ‘follow the money’ and keep up with the trail, they could earn a month’s worth of salary. How? By taking out Payday 3-themed dollar bills from a branded van.

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The strategic insanity doesn’t end here.  Within a span of 10 minutes, heisters managed to take over 2,000 notes. Some were lucky enough to get away with a limited ‘winner’ variant that ensured an entry into a draw for the prize loot. One lucky heister received a month’s salary as the ultimate reward.

With a pinch of concern in his voice, a spokesperson from PLAION made a thoughtful remark on the average Londoner’s monthly income.


It can be tricky not to spend your hard-earned cash all at once, especially at a time when most expenditures are completely unavoidable.

We can certainly understand the temptation of wanting to rob a bank to get that much-needed injection of cash.

However, disposable income won’t get you far behind bars, so we suggest that the heisting fantasy is best left experienced in video games.

Payday 3 – The Ultimate Heist Fantasy and How You Can Play It 

PAYDAY 3 Follow The Money
PAYDAY 3 – ‘Follow. The. Money.’ – Launch / Promo, London, UK – 14/09/ 2023 Photograph: Andrew Fosker / PinPep

Payday games have a reputation for being exciting ‘heist simulators’ that ask you to have partners you can trust and masks that get the job done. And, guns. A lot of guns. As common a fantasy as it may be, few have perhaps given it a bit too much thought.

From the poll results, some candidates claimed that their dream team for pulling off the ideal heist would include Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as the muscle (obviously!), Derren Brown to make sure the guards stay distracted, and Lewis Hamilton as the getaway escape artist. 

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Finally, the poll also chose a few favourites from the game that they’d like to play. 34% of candidates would want to play as the Ghost, being able to stay under the shadows, while the other 27% fancied themselves as the Mastermind, staying mindful of everything that would go right (and sometimes, horribly wrong). 

You can experience Payday 3 right now on PC via Game Pass, Steam or Epic Games Store, as well as PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, and GeForce NOW. Looking at Payday 3’s exciting gameplay; we won’t be surprised if someone’s inspired enough to soon pull off an actual heist. 

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to execute a flawless heist? Let us know in the comments.

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