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Peacemaker Star John Cena Desperate For MCU Role, Pitches for ‘Fantastic Four’ Part: “Would consider most any-thing”

Peacemaker Star John Cena Desperate For MCU Role, Pitches for ‘Fantastic Four’ Part: “Would consider most any-thing”

WWE star John Cena is one of the sought-after action stars in Hollywood. The athlete who started his tryst with films in 2000 made his mark with The Marines followed by a successful run in many action blockbusters. One of his biggest hits includes F9, the 9th installment of The Fast and The Furious franchise which saw Cena facing off against Vin Diesel as the antagonist Jakob Toretto. The performance won him widespread acclaim as arguably the best villain of the film series.

John Cena
WWE champion and DC star John Cena

It was only natural that the superhero franchises would come calling. John Cena entered the DC Extended Universe when he was cast as the Peacemaker in the 2021 film The Suicide Squad. The celebrity then got to bask in his glory when the character was further developed into a television series with Cena’s Peacemaker as the protagonist. With a firm footing in DC, the actor in an interview spoke about the possibility of becoming a Marvel Superhero as well.

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Will John Cena Jump Camps from DC To Marvel?

In an interview with Esquire’s YouTube show, wrestling champion and actor John Cena expressed his desire to step into the Marvel Universe. The star who was then promoting his Hulu film Vacation Friends, gave his opinion about an article that touted him to be a perfect choice to play The Thing in Marvel’s Fantastic Four Reboot. When questioned if he was open to the idea of taking on the character, Cena replied,

I would consider most anything. I think keeping yourself open to options and different perspectives is a good way to go about life. This would simply be a thing that I would consider because I like to keep my perspective open to new things.”

The Thing
John Cena was asked if he would consider the role of The Thing In the Fantastic Four Reboot

This is not the first time that John Cena has expressed a desire to be associated with Marvel. The Legendary star appeared on the Ellen Show in 2019 and marketed himself as the perfect candidate to play one of Marvel’s strongest superheroes, Captain America, and was vociferous in his explanation for the same.

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John Cena Will Collaborate With These Talented Marvel Actors

WWE star John Cena and Marvel Studios have a connection even though the star isn’t part of the franchise. Cena’s next film will be an action comedy called Grand Death Lotto which will be directed by Ghostbusters director Paul Feig. The film will also see Cena sharing screen space with two popular Marvel stars, Simu Liu who portrayed Shang-Chi, and Awkwafina who played Katy Chen in Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The movie revolves around a grand lottery that the characters will discover in the city of California and the chaos that follows.

John Cena
Paul Feig will direct John Cena and Marvel star Awkwafina in Grand Death Lotto

The film produced by Amazon Studios will go on floors in April. In addition, the producers have also stated that the movie will be streamed in over 240 countries around the world owing to its eclectic cast and their cultural backgrounds. With John Cena set to portray a very different character in a comedy after his intense role in The Peacemaker, fans will be eager to see the transformation of the actor and his performance in the film.

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