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“Peak nepotism is defeated”: House of the Dragon Forces Miguel Sapochnik to Step Down After Wife Disallowed to Serve as Producer

house of the dragon

The prequel series to the very popular Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon received immense praise making it a huge success. The show is set over 172 years before the birth of Daenerys Targaryen. Co-showrunner, Miguel Sapochnik had been working on the series for about three years before it was released.

Miguel Sapochnik Alexis raben
Miguel Sapochnik and Alexis Raben

However, in an interesting turn of events, the co-showrunner called it quits with the prequel series. His unexpected departure left fans confused as they wondered exactly why he had left the series. According to a report, Miguel Sapochnik bid his farewell because HBO didn’t want to hire his wife, Alexis Raben, as a producer for the second season. Fans took to Twitter to state that they were happy seeing the downfall of nepotism while some fans stated that this doesn’t count as nepotism as Alexis Raben was already an established personality.

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Miguel Sapochnik is Standing by his Wife

alexis raben
Alexis Raben as Talya

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According to a report by Puck News, Miguel Sapochnik’s unexpected farewell to House of the Dragon was because HBO refused his request to involve his wife, Alexis Raben, as a producer for season two. HBO apparently did not believe that Raben had enough experience to join the team of producers and thus wouldn’t go through with the idea.

HBO tried to reach a conclusion with Sapochnik about the whole situation. However, the conversation didn’t go the director’s way, as he had hoped, and he ended up leaving the show and choosing to take his wife’s side in this debate. Fans of the show were divided on Twitter. While some stated that this was the defeat of nepotism others were against the idea. The latter group backed their point by stating that Raben was already an established artist.

Raben was a credited producer for House of the Dragon’s season one and was even seen in front of the camera as Talya for a few episodes. Apart from her involvement in season one, Raben also has plenty of acting experience in projects like House, Outlanders, Jeffie was Here, and so on.

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Miguel Sapochnik on Leaving the Show

Miguel Sapochnik
Miguel Sapochnik

Sapochnik did not forget to give thank the fans and the team of HOTD as he released a statement talking about his departure. He stated that while it wasn’t easy to move on, he knew he made the right choice. Sapochnik added that the show was in good hands as Alan Taylor would be getting on board the HOTD wagon. In the end, he wished Ryan Condal and the team the best of luck for future seasons.

“I am so proud of what we accomplished with season 1 and overjoyed by the enthusiastic reaction of our viewers. It was incredibly tough to decide to move on, but I know that it is the right choice for me, personally and professionally. As I do so, though, I am deeply comforted to know that Alan will be joining the series. He’s someone I’ve known and respected for a long time, and I believe this precious series could not be in safer hands. I am so glad to remain a part of the HBO and House of the Dragon family and, of course, I wish Ryan and his team success and all the best with season 2 and beyond.”

Condal will now take on the role of the solo showrunner for season two and will work closely with George RR Martin. As for Sapochnik, he will still be involved in a smaller role as an executive producer for the series even though he and his wife changed agencies, joining CAA.

House of the Dragon is available to stream on HBO Max.

Source: Puck News

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