Pennywise Actor Bill Skarsgård Replaces Barry Keoghan’s Joker in James Gunn’s New DCU Batman Movie in Ultra Viral Fan Art

Pennywise Actor Bill Skarsgård Replaces Barry Keoghan's Joker in James Gunn's New DCU Batman Movie in Ultra Viral Fan Art

James Gunn has made his first big decision for his ambitious DC directorial, Superman: Legacy. After multiple rounds of auditions, the DC head has officially cast David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan for the roles of Superman and Lois Lane respectively. The Guardians of the Galaxy director is now moving on to the next set of casting choices for the other important characters who will feature in the narrative.

Bill Skarsgard
Hollywood star Bill Skarsgård

Expectedly, Superman’s nemesis Lex Luthor is touted to be one of the significant characters in the film. Among the shortlist of stars who are being considered for the role, Pennywise star Bill Skarsgård is rumored to be a key candidate to portray the DC antagonist. The young actor’s name is also making the rounds in the art world as an ideal choice for another iconic DC villain.

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New Fan Art Reveals Bill Skarsgård As DCU’s Joker

Hollywood star Bill Skarsgård is no stranger to playing characters in the superhero world. From his role as Zeitgeist in Deadpool 3, his villainous act in Stephen King’s classic IT, to the evil clown in Pennywise, the celebrity has made some smart choices that put him as one of the favorites to play Lex Luthor. While information about his involvement in the DCU is still uncertain, Skarsgård is already being imagined by many people to be well-suited for other DC characters like Joker.

Fandomwire Video
Bill Skarsgard
New fan art reimagined Bill Skarsgård as the Joker

A popular graphic artist Youssef Defenshi took to his Instagram page to create an image of Skarsgård as Joker that proves he will be a good choice for the role. After seeing his artwork, many of his followers and fans of the DC franchise took to the comments section to laud the artist’s work while also concurring with him about his views on the Pennywise actor being a perfect candidate for Joker.

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Bill Skarsgård Will Co-Star With Nicolas Cage In Lords Of War

Bill Skarsgård is considered one of the most talented young actors in Hollywood today based on his repertoire of films and acting choices thus far. The Swedish star is continuing to aim for the big leagues with his next film in which he will star with Oscar winner Nicolas Cage in the sequel to his 2005 film Lord Of War. Lords of War directed by Andrew Niccol will follow the continuing story of arms dealer Yuri Orlov who discovers that he has a son played by Bill Skarsgård who tries to outdo his father’s crimes rather than stop them.

Nicolas Cage
Bill Skarsgård will play Nicolas Cage’s son in Lord Of War sequel

Nicolas Cage and Bill Skarsgård are actors from different generations. While Cage is an established veteran of repute, Skarsgård is a rising star and one of the most exciting prospects in Hollywood. With both actors known for their intense acting skills, their collaboration could well be one of the most anticipated ones in Hollywood. Lords of War is scheduled to commence production in the Fall of 2023.

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